Singapore, Singapore

Senior Industry Analyst

 Job Description:

1. Sound knowledge of international financial market including stocks, foreign exchanges and commodities, and basic understanding of cryptocurrency market.
2. To track macro-economic and industry development trends, to work on industry data collection, mining and analysis
3. To develop fundamental and technical analysis on macro economy and cryptocurrency market, and to prepare market research reports.
4. To support product R&D.
5. To conduct research on competitors.

Skills & Qualifications Required
1. A Bachelor’s degree or above. Knowledge of financial expertise and basics.
2. Ability to closely track and understand financial policies and hot issues.
3. Strong analytical skills.
4. Proven ability to collect, organize and process information and data.
5. Strong work ethics and team work spirit. Ability to work under pressure.

  Required Skills:

Data Collection Stocks BASIC Analytical Skills Collection Mining Analysis R Market Research Pressure Research