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FrontEnd Developer(Angular)

About 5centsCDN

We are a fast-growing company located in Edmonton, Canada! 🙂 Here in 5centsCDN, we offer CDN bandwidth at the lowest rate with no commitments, no contracts, and no setup fee whatsoever! We are currently serving 1000+ clients which consist of OTT, IPTV, AD’s agencies, Gamers, GOVT agencies, NGO’s, and major TV channels. We need someone who is disciplined, self-starter & extraordinarily trustworthy, and is self-motivated ✌ 


Full Job Description


 We are developing an advanced front-end Progressive Web Application using Angular. For this reason, we are looking for professionals for long-term work relationships. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience Ability to communicate clearly, Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner,  Attention to details, Willingness to sign an NDA 🙂 


📝Key Responsibilities 

  • Hands on Frontend Development skills using

    • Angular 9,10 or 12

    • Angular Service Workers

    • Should know rxjs, NgRx, HTTPClientModule, Observables, State Management.

  • Should follow Angular Style Guide

  • Need experience with Github

  • Expertise across JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Required to have 3+ years of IT Experience

  • Previous work experience as an Angular Developer.

  • Proven experience implementing front-end and back-end JavaScript application

*Includes but not limited to



    Task 1: Basic UI/UX (FrontEnd)

  • Create the basic angular project from the provided html/css based UI/UX

  • Create Login, Register, Forgot Password, Reset Password pages

    • using Services, Routes, Subscription to show alerts, messages etc

    • use angular form validation wherever required

  • Create various model as required (User, AccountServices etc)

  • Add required Services, Routes features to enable a basic dashboard

  • Add the authentication check to prevent unauthenticated users from accessing dashboard (Router.CanActivate)

  • Implement JWT based token Authentication

  • Implement the navigation menu bar based on the clients active services

  • Implement the sidebar "Client Info" getting details from backend API

  • Create a landing page that the client sees after login

  • Implement Authentication bypass for Admin Users


Task 2: Livestream (FrontEnd)

  • Create Service used to make the CRUD operation via API on clients active/selected services.

  • Create Routing, Pages, Components 

*Includes but not limited to


We’re looking for a “doer”, the type of person that brings a “can do…figure it out” type of energy to the job every day, and is willing to jump in and help. If you can picture yourself in this position and it’s something that interests you, feel free to apply here! We look forward to having you on our team 🍻