Job Openings Junior/ Graduate Environmental Chemist

About the job Junior/ Graduate Environmental Chemist

Role and Responsibilities

  • Be involved in projects with our Earth & Environment Team and be a part of a growing organization that meets our client’s objectives and solves their challenges

  • Under general supervision, conduct natural resource field surveys collecting observational, spatial, and environmental data

  • Under general supervision, collect and compile samples of air, soil, water, sludge, and other matrices for analysis

  • Maintain quality control standards and procedures for accurate and precise measurement and documentation

  • Assist with performing basic professional environmental science work relating to ecological systems, air, and water resources, assisting with verifying the characteristics of a site and providing entry-level technical assistance on various environmental issues

  • Generate complete, accurate, and concise documentation using electronic systems and field/work site notebook

  • Comply with safety guidelines and site-specific procedures which include but are not limited to, the maintenance of sample collection, location data, laboratory or statistical documentation, and logbooks

  • Utilize the latest technologies and techniques in performing studies and analysis of habitats, sites, and potential impacts to the health of the environment and the population

  • Complete training on assigned tasks

  • Exercise responsible and ethical decision-making regarding company funds, resources and conduct, and adhere to the company’s Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures

  • Perform additional responsibilities as required by business needs

Knowledge & Experience

  • BS (or advanced) degree in Chemistry, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, or Chemical Engineering, with 0-3 years’ overall experience related to the requirements for the position

  • Physically able to pass an OSHA-mandated medical examination for work on hazardous waste sites

  • Willing to perform field work associated with site investigations and assessments in all seasons, and willing to travel occasionally depending on project-specific requirements

  • Able to work schedules conducive to project-specific requirements that may extend beyond the typical workweek

  • Strong mathematical / analytical / reasoning skills and demonstrable attention to detail

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Adept with use of Microsoft Office® programs, such as MS Word® and MS Excel®

  • Demonstrated aptitude for learning new data management, data analysis and statistical software 

Awesome To Have

  • Advanced degrees in chemistry or related fields, as well as additional related experience

  • Familiarity with UFP QAPP requirements and related experience applying the protocol

  • Familiarity with USEPA Region 2 EQuIS® EDD format

  • Familiarity with EPA’s Scribe software for sample management

  • Experience working in a chemical analytical laboratory using gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and inductively coupled plasma equipment and techniques

  • Working familiarity with designing and performing data queries using MS Access® and developing and maintaining large relational databases

  • Experience with using graphical and statistical analysis software beyond standard MS Excel® (e.g. JMP® software, R statistical software, and the Analysis ToolPak® add-in to MS Excel®)

  • Intermediate or advanced skills with geographic information systems (e.g., ArcGIS)

  • Prior experience with organic and/or inorganic data validation

  • Current OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER certification and medical clearance for hazardous waste work

  • Previous experience with environmental site investigations at hazardous waste sites, specifically with contaminated sediments or contaminated groundwater 

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