Job Openings Database Administrator

About the job Database Administrator

Large international employer is seeking a Database Administrator for a new emerging business in Buffalo, NY. The role will assist in evaluating our internal data in efforts to optimize our SQL database, and the business intelligence tools we use to communicate with it. It is important that our data structures are efficient, documented, and uniform. You will be asked to maintain uptime in addition to acquiring data sets from our various systems, manipulate the files and identify trends. You will work with our operations, sales, marketing and procurement teams by providing them clear documentation of research, data analysis, identified risks, supporting documentation and possible corrective solutions.


  • Maintain and administer our database and related programs
  • Build and improve our business intelligence suite
  • Use programing to build custom applications and API's across our systems
  • Receive daily data sets from the warehouse operations team. Validate, manipulate, reconcile and upload to our WMS & ERP. Provide reports illustrating the identified issues and corresponding changes made.
  • Work directly with Intake Managers to coordinate intake efforts in order to optimize sales efforts and reduce redundancies.
  • Enhance current data set by utilizing alternate data sources and researching new market trends.
  • Extract data sets from internal resources to be utilized in outbound sales and marketing efforts.
  • Tackle big data sets and be able to identify trends and extrapolate changes uniformly throughout.
  • Analyze new opportunities by cross referencing historical sales data and identifying relevant associations.
  • Manipulate data sets to match our internal systems.
  • Serve as the API Bridge connecting our ERP to our WMS by extracting data from one and transferring to the other on a consistent basis, ensuring that both systems are reconciled to each other.
  • Identify deficiencies in our current processes and enhance efforts by implementing technological solutions.

Preferred Skills / Qualifications:

  • 2 years experience in data analyst role
  • 2+ years of SQL experience
  • Advanced proficiency with Excel, Access and SellerCloud or relatable.
  • Knowledge of programming languages (Python, Java, HTML, etc)
  • Bachelor's Degree or Masters in Computer Science