Job Openings Senior Industrial Designer (Wearable Tech Apparel)

About the job Senior Industrial Designer (Wearable Tech Apparel)

Freelance, Remote

We are looking to bring on a highly skilled and experienced Industrial Designer with a strong background in apparel and/or wearable tech to join our team on a freelance basis. In this role, you will play a key role in a current project, with the possibility of collaborating on additional projects in the future. Experience in medical tech is a significant advantage, and knowledge of production processes and requirements is highly desirable.

Want to make a big impact at a growing design company?

ADG partners with startups, venture capital, and large corporations to design and grow new business ventures through venture design and accelerator programs. Our firm has the expertise to offer both consulting and design services. We design, create and support the development of new products and services that redefine contemporary life.

At ADG, we practice a Design & Society approach that balances user needs, systems thinking, and business strategy. ADG has a global portfolio of successful projects across every continent except Antarctica.

Some of these past projects include designing a new venture that rethinks the global supply chain with a Japan-based global automotive manufacturer and leading a startup accelerator that catapulted a former Soviet country, Georgia, into a regional startup and technological hub.

What you'll do:

You will have the chance to collaborate with an integrated, global, and remote team of designers, researchers and strategists. Our work is fast-paced, never compromises on quality, and pushes boundaries. Your work will never just sit on the shelf but will drive change from day one to decades into the future.

You will get to participate in the full process of building transformational innovations, including user and expert research, business and financial modeling, growth hacking, systems thinking and strategic foresight. Youll get to learn, experiment and try while owning a critical piece of the puzzle.

As an Industrial Designer with ADG, you'll be expected to:

  • Develop designs - Create innovative and attractive wearable tech and apparel products that cater to customers' needs and styles.
  • Produce visuals - Generate detailed sketches, visualizations, and prototypes using advanced technical skills and industry-standard tools.
  • Collaborate - Work closely with our interdisciplinary team, including UX researchers, strategists, and product designers, to ensure seamless product development.
  • Understand production - Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of production processes and requirements, ensuring that designs are feasible and cost-effective to manufacture.
  • Conduct user testing - Iterate on designs based on feedback, guaranteeing that the final products meet the highest standards of usability and aesthetics.
  • Stay updated - Keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies to continuously improve and refine our design offerings.

Attributes we're looking for:

  • Technical expertise - Advanced skills in visualization and prototyping tools, such as CAD software, Adobe Creative Suite, and 3D printing, are essential.
  • Self-starter - You don't need the solution defined for you to be able to start tackling a problem.
  • Detail-oriented - You can manage complex projects, dependencies, and timelines to execute impeccably every time.
  • Highly communicative - You'll be working remotely for this role, so ask questions, keep up to date, and share progress regularly through our online channels.
  • Ambitious - You're hungry for growth, high-impact work, and learning from other smart team members and clients.
  • Analytical - Critical thinking (quantitative and qualitative) drives our approach, and being able to break down problems and analyze their components with rigor is essential.
  • Systems and futures thinker believe design has the potential to impact businesses and societies and can see how design choices we make now reverberate and impact the future.
  • Values trust and good work we do not negotiate on quality and build a reputation through trusted partnerships.
  • Ideal experience We are hiring for all experience levels. We prefer a Bachelors or Masters degree in Industrial Design or a related field. Still, we also love to see a portfolio showcasing a passion for design and experience across various industries.


  • Join a roster of talented, global designers. Dive in on our current project and be the first to hear about future meaningful work opportunities.
  • Project lengths vary from 2-day workshops to several months of in-depth design. We recognize and honor that you may be working with other clients or on your own projects.
  • Competitive rates are based on the level of experience and qualifications.
  • A supportive and collaborative environment where everyone owns a piece of the work and contributes to a larger whole.
  • Ability to work remotely anywhere around the world. Some projects have travel opportunities for in-person collaboration (often outside North America!). While we work primarily in PST, we are open to considering candidates located anywhere around the world.

Were happy youve made it this far! Our mission to reimagine contemporary life through design gives us energy every day. If thats something youre also excited about, start the conversation by applying here.