Job Openings Field Service Manager

About the job Field Service Manager

  • Create and implement project plan, timeline and execution and working with key members on the project to come up with the goals and objective for project rollout. 
  • Responsible for the project status report to update the stakeholders.
  • Review closely on the project schedule and initiate the project meeting on timely schedule with team members and stakeholders.
  • Managing resource planning to ensure sufficient team member to support the project; determine if external resource is require supporting the project, if yes recruited and manage appropriate resources.
  • Conduct onsite audit to ensure all project been carry out as per SOW, ensure quality of the project been deliver and conduct a post-project evaluation to determine how well result were achieved.
  • Give clear directions and instructions to team member to execute the project plan.
  • Managing in goal setting, skill enhancement and performance reviews activities for staffs.
  • Investigate and resolve any issues resulting from substandard performance.
  • Ensure company policies and procedures are followed by the team members.
  • Provide training, support and guidance to staff to ensure timely and quality customer services.
  • Ensure that the resources are properly trained to meet service objectives.
  • Identify and resolve employee concerns/complaints.
  • Review with field service coordinator in resource identification and planning.
  • Maintain positive and healthy relationship with various teams to ensure customer service effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate outstanding customer service through maintenance of high quality and integrity at work environment.