Job Openings Lead Full-Stack Developer

About the job Lead Full-Stack Developer

Job Description: 
We are looking for a brilliant software engineer with a passion for consumer products and want to help us redefine the way that people own cars. We ship code daily, A/B test extensively, and have a primary role in experimenting with new ideas from inception to implementation. There’s much to do, and you’ll be responsible for making some real cool stuff happen.  
Your Role:
- Produce high-quality maintainable code, test it, review it and ship it. 
- Identify areas to improve and scale our architecture and application design. 
- Collaborate extensively with product management and design to develop product features that drive our metrics. 
- Develop tools and utilities to diagnose and fix problems. 
- Ensure proper technical design and documentation. 
- Work efficiently in a constantly changing and growing environment where the process is fluid and creative solutions are desired. 
Job Requirements:
We are looking for a rockstar software engineer with a proven track record of shipping quality features and who is agile enough to jump into any project: 
- You have 6+ years experience shipping high-scale code to production. 
- You are fluent in JavaScript (ES6 + typescript), HTML and CSS  
- You know how to architect a MongoDB database (structure) 
- You have shipped product using React.js and Node.js frameworks 
- You know TypeScript 
- You have experience with web development best practices such as A/B testing, continuous integration 
- You possess strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, database concepts, distributed systems, and search 
- You are a strong communicator. Explaining complex technical concepts to designers, support, and other engineers is no problem for you. 
- You know how to structure an app in micro services and serverless 
Bonus Points: 
- Worked on an ecommerce platform 
- You have exposure to growth levers such as SEO, user acquisition, activation, funnel optimization and social engagements 
- Have worked with Zeit products such as Next.js, SWR, Now and Micro 
- Knowledge of SSR (Server Side Rendering), SPR (Server Pre-Rendering) and SSG (Static Site Generating)