Job Openings Remote Recruiter

About the job Remote Recruiter

Position Title: Remote Recruiter

Salary: 13,000-29,000 PHP monthly

Reports To: Recruitment Manager

Schedule: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PH Time

Location: Work From Home


  • Screening and grading of all new applicants following company guidelines
  • Coordinating with recruiting team for follow up and booking of applicant interviews
  • Assisting with planning headcount and attendees of training classes
  • Interviews conducted over the phone
  • Assisting with job hiring events on site and off site


  • Ability to come up with ideas including innovative ways to recruit, ideas for events, job fairs, etc.
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Recent Med Cert
  • High energy
  • Passion for helping others get their dream jobs
  • Excellent communication skills (written and typed)
  • Efficient time management/proper use of full workday

Company Benefits:

  • 10k Employee of the Month Bonus
  • Bonus for hitting target weekly
  • Excess bonus for going beyond target weekly
  • All incentives/bonuses are paid out 100% tax-free
  • Permanent fixed schedule
  • Permanent weekends off
  • Other Performance and Attendance Based Rewards

PLEASE NOTE: This position does require an ON-SITE interview, and it requires 10 days of ON-SITE training. This will be 5 days of training during night shift on site then transitioning to 5 days of training during day shift on site. After that it's 100% WFH/Remote. If you cannot attend the on-site interview and training then we will be unable to process your application and proceed with the hiring process.