Job Openings Recruiter

About the job Recruiter

Important: This is a tenured and all around recruiting role. We are looking for recruiting candidates with experience in start-to-finish BPO processes.

What Ameritel offers for Recruiter?

  • 25,000 Base Pay
  • Up to 4k weekly commission for hitting an easy recruiting quota - PAID WEEEKLY!
  • Up to 50k monthly salary
  • 40,000 Annual Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • Tax FREE Bonuses and HUGE Commissions
  • Fixed Schedule and WEEKENDS ARE ALWAYS OFF
  • Day time schedule 7 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday
  • Major US Holidays off
  • Up to 2 weeks Christmas and New Year Break
  • Amazing offer to present to applicants! Makes recruiting super easy and stress-free!
  • Company smartphone provided
  • Your own private office
  • Local recruiting only (no foreign accounts)
  • Big recruiting budget to work with to ensure your success


  • Minimum 1 year of recruiting experience
  • Minimum 6 months BPO experience
  • Handled start-to-finish recruiting processes
  • Use of candidate pipeline software to organize and manage applicants
  • Able to conduct pre-screening and final interviews
  • Experience writing advertisement content and creating advertising graphics
  • Experience handling hiring events

Job duties:

  • Daily applicant pipeline management/cleaning
  • Follow-up with pending applicants to advance them to next states of application process
  • Conducting interviews (phone and in-person)
  • Assessment grading and applicant screening
  • Managing virtual and in-person hiring events
  • Company social media posting and advertising
  • Writing content and creating custom graphics for recruiting advertisements

Do not apply to this position if you are not an all around recruiter that is ready to quickly get started on handling a full start-to-finish hiring process. If you are looking more for a specialized role you can apply for our Recruitment Specialist position instead.