Job Openings (Pinewood) Learning Specialist - Occupational/Speech Therapist

About the job (Pinewood) Learning Specialist - Occupational/Speech Therapist

Start Date: September 2024

Overview of the Position

Pinewood seeks a full-time dynamic Learning Specialist Occupational or Speech Therapist, beginning September 2024. Candidates holding a degree in Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy.

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, the OT or ST evaluates students' motor, sensory, speech, language and cognitive abilities to identify barriers to learning and development. Through personalized intervention plans, the OT or ST aims to enhance students' functional skills and independence, thereby promoting their engagement in educational activities.

The role of the Specialist is to support students by providing them with intervention, remediation and enrichment. The Specialist will also support teachers in their efforts with these students in the classroom, and work with the Learning Support Department, parents, students and external professionals in order to better support these students.

The Specialist will effectively use resources and materials and will focus on high quality learning and interactions. They should be an inspirational, passionate and adaptable special education certified educator with the ability to deliver support for all learners. Important personality characteristics are high motivation, sensitivity, patience, good communication and collaboration with the Learning Support Department, the teachers and the parents of the student, as well as good organizing skills. The Specialist should show flexibility throughout the day and an ability to adjust to changes or different needs of SEN students.

Scope of the Position

The OT/ST Specialist reports to the Principal and works closely with the School community, including students, teachers, parents, school psychologists, learning specialists, and administration, to ensure an optimal learning environment for all students.


The OT/ST Specialist is responsible for meeting with students individually and in small groups, during in class and pull-out sessions. They will address and assess the students’ varying learning styles and needs and provide them with individualized academic support strategies and executive functioning skill development through differentiated strategies and activities that encourage students to work toward academic success.

The following responsibilities are for a full-time OT/ST Specialist.

  • Promote a school-wide understanding of learning differences
  • Lead the process for identifying, monitoring, and remediating students who learn differently. This involves interfacing with the Principal, faculty, parents, and private contractors on behalf of students who require specialized academic instruction (including advanced learners)
  • Coordinate and plan SEN support along with the classroom/subject teacher on a regular basis 
  • Participate in the development of the International Individualized Learning Plan (IILP) with the classroom teacher, school psychologists, principal, and administration
  • Plan and teach rigorous, goal-driven lessons for individual, small-group and co-teaching instruction each day
  • Implement IILP goals, interventions and accommodations (academic, social or behavioral) for individual students based on needs
  • Maintain frequent and positive communication with parents by sharing information pertaining to SEN support
  • Facilitate and/or participate in required IILP team meetings
  • Assess and report student progress through accurate daily progress notes, data collection, attendance records and complete all paperwork in a timely manner
  • Maintain discretion and confidentiality of child and family information at all times
  • Participate in ongoing professional learning and maintain a personal portfolio of professional development activities relevant to learning support

Required Qualifications

Required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy

Master’s Degree in SEN-related field preferred

Fluent (native or near native) in English

Two or more years of relevant experience with children

  • Strong knowledge base in the area of learning differences, as well as English Language Teaching Ability to implement formal and informal assessment programs
  • Strong knowledge base in the area of early intervention, Response To Intervention (RTI), assessments, acquisition of reading
  • Be up to date with general teaching practices in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Ability to adapt interventions to meet the diverse needs of students with varying disabilities and cultural backgrounds

Submitting an application

We welcome experienced, qualified candidates to send a cover letter and CV, in English, to or apply through our website. Please indicate “Learning Specialist: Occupational/Speech Therapist” in the subject line of your email. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Disclaimer: Pinewood has no political, governmental or religious affiliations. Pinewood values a diverse community. Pinewood does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, age, or disability in the recruitment and admissions of its students, in the administration of its educational policies and programs, or its recruitment and employment of its faculty and staff.