Job Openings Sr Node Developer

About the job Sr Node Developer

We are looking for an experienced person in web development with JavaScript and related technologies, who is self-sufficient, likes to work in a team or lead one, who is eager to learn, share his experience with his colleagues and seeks to make a difference in his workplace. This is a full time remote position.


  • 2+ years of experience developing, maintaining and releasing web applications with node.js and Express, Sails or similar frameworks in JavaScript.
  • Having integrated Front-end technologies such as JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular and CSS.
  • Being a consumer / developer of REST services.
  • Experience in delivering projects for production (deployments, CI / CD, Server provisioning, DBA and Devops).
  • Decision making as product owner, tech lead or project manager.
  • Have worked directly on remote teams and with non-technical people (product owners, project managers).
  • Experience building systems using agile methodologies.
  • Have knowledge of software architecture and refactoring.
  • Have good development principles, as well as experience doing testing, object-oriented programming, SOLID principles, and clean architecture.
  • Excellent oral / written communication skills in Spanish and English.

Ideally we seek:

  • A person passionate about quality in the code, who seeks to grow professionally and improve together with his colleagues.
  • That enjoys to sharing knowledge, whether it's teaching or learning.
  • With a focus on solving problems in the most efficient and effective way.
  • With commitment and excellent attention to detail, you care about your job from start to finish.
  • With a good understanding of usability and interfaces.

More about us:
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