Job Openings Offshore Structural Lead

About the job Offshore Structural Lead


  • Lead the Offshore Structure Engineering team in performing structural design activities according to Project needs and requirements within the assigned budget, time schedule and quality standards
  • Ensure compliance with all Project interfaces and supervise in/out information flow
  • Maintain and develop technical skills, expertise, knowledge, procedures and tools as required for proposals and project execution
  • Ensure the capitalisation of Project experience in order to improve and harmonize work methodologies


  • Analyse the complete scope of work and clearly identify objectives of the discipline and internal/external interfaces
  • Analyse the technical documents (specifications, calculation notes, drawings, etc.) in order to assess the scope of the studies required and the potential risks
  • Set up and issue the necessary clarification requests during the proposal phase as well as the qualifications included in the bid
  • Seek as far as possible solutions which can improve overall competiveness
  • Estimate quantities or validate estimation done by other specialists of the team
  • Estimate the budget required for the studies completion
  • Set up the schedule of the execution studies and the associated plan for resources mobilization
  • In the case of project execution:
  • Analyse the complete scope of work and clearly identifies objectives of the discipline and internal/external interfaces
  • Analyse the project technical documents in order to validate consistency between the budget, resources and means allocated for the work completion and the targets to be met
  • Make the Technical Manager aware of the modifications or anticipated difficulties for meeting Client requirements
  • Identify project hot spots, criticalities and activity priorities
  • Organize the work of the team and write the project procedures for the execution and control of the structural studies
  • Define and follow-up the planning of resources mobilization
  • Prepare Project Design Premises
  • Write or supervise the writing of the Structural Design Brief (the technical roadmap for the discipline engineering activities)
  • Coordinate the engineering activities of the team members throughout the project with a permanent focus on optimization of quality, costs and schedule criteria
  • Manage the different interfaces by coordinating the activities of the team with all the other stakeholders on the project (other engineering disciplines, project team, working sites, construction, installation,etc.)
  • Control the input data for the team activities and check/review all the documents issued by the team
  • Supervise the writing of specifications and requisitions as well as technical bid evaluations
  • Inform on a permanent basis the Technical Manager and if required the Project Manager of any foreseen technical or financial or delay risk
  • Deal with Third Party Authority when the certification process of offshore structure design is required
  • Deal with Marine Warranty Surveyor in the ambit of the surveying process of marine operations
  • Provide weight and cog data to weight control engineer