Job Openings Structural Welder

About the job Structural Welder

Please be informed that we are looking for candidates for the position  Structural Welder.


Hold and manipulate the electrode holder, welding torch or carbon arc air gouge by hand. Execute welds on CS structures
such as skids, non critical structures, for corner joints, fillet welds, single side or double side full penetration welds, etc.
To be qualified for Manual or semiautomatic process (Gtaw,Smaw,Fcaw, Gmaw) and carry out the welding work in compliance with safety, quality and in respect of environmental rules. The Structural Welder will stay under the supervision of the (discipline) Welding Foreman.


 Carry out the Welding work in the planned times and costs
Ensure the proper implementation of approved operating procedures
Ensure observance of the WPSs and welding method statements
Ensure that safety standards are respected
Ensure that production quality and quantity standards are observed and issue the hand-over of completed works
Carry out the welding qualification procedure and welder qualification tests when required
Carry out the welders repairs or cosmetic weld toe adjustment in case of errors or defects
Participate to pipe/plate fit up with the pipe fitting and spacer team
Clean welds after each pass
Perform a preliminary check of the welds after completion
Maintain a good housekeeping of his working place reducing the environmental footprints
Respect environments and environmental rules.
Ensure adeguate handling and storage of welding consumables.