Job Openings 2nd Engineer DP

About the job 2nd Engineer DP

Baltic Resourcing is currently looking for candidates for the position of  2nd Engineer. 


  • STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. III/2 and endorsement
  • Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix
  • Dynamic Position Training as per Company Procedure
  • MOU stability course (where applicable)


  • Minimum three(3) Years as Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch DP (Expert Seniority).
  • A minimum experience of One (1) year on off-shore activity unless a defined rank of Chief Engineer DP had been
  • previously covered on board merchant marine vessels
  • Note: For Italian Seafarers the correspondent designation of Second Engineer is "Primo Ufficiale di Macchina"

Qualifications request STCW

STCW Certificate of competency III/2
STCW Personal survival techniques A-VI/1-1
STCW Fire prevention and firefighting A-VI/1-2
STCW Elementary first aid A-VI/1-3
STCW Personal safety & social responsibilities A-VI/1-4
STCW Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat (other than fast rescue boat) A-VI/2-1
STCW Advanced firefighting A-VI/3
STCW Medical first aid A-VI/4-1
STCW Security awareness[1] A-VI/6-1
STCW Seafarers with designated security duties A-VI/6-2
STCW Leadership & teamwork (engine) Table A-III/1
STCW High voltage safety course H851 III/1 (Op lev) III/2 (Mng lev)
OPITO H2S awareness course[2] - -
OPITO Basic offshore safety & emergency training / FOET + OLF supplement - -
DP[3] K-Chief 700 system introduction step 1 - -
DP K-POS maintenance stage 1 course