Job Openings Offshore Crawler Crane Operator

About the job Offshore Crawler Crane Operator


Operate and take care of the Crawler Crane onboard offshore construction vessels


 Operate the crawler crane on deck within the designed crane load capacity, in accordance with the derating tables applicable to existing weather and sea state conditions
Perform basket transfers where permitted and safe to do so
Hold the Offshore Crane Operator certification (level 2 for unsupervised inboard lifts; level 3 for unsupervised offshore lifts), except for junior crane operators under training, who are not permitted to perform unsupervised lifts until the appropriate
certification is obtained
Be aware of the surroundings in terms of potential clashes with other vessel equipment
Be aware of crane limits in terms of reach and capacity
On vessels with multiple cranes, be aware of the interaction with other cranes and proactively intervene in order to avoid any interference during simultaneous operations
Interact with the superiors in order to define the lifting procedures
Report any crane equipment malfunctioning to own supervisor
Ensure that all safe work procedures for crane lifts are adhered to  Make daily inspection on the crane
Carry out daily routine maintenance to the crane and the operator's cabin
Keep a high level of housekeeping in the operator's cabin
Liaise with 2nd Engineer/Crane Engineer/Chief Electrician/Vessel Equipment Engineer on crane maintenance and performance, in order to ensure that repairs and preventive maintenance are carried out properly
Carry out weekly inspection of the crane in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations
Fill up the crane log book as required for all lifts above 50 ton
Stop the lifting activity if required on safety or technical grounds, if continuing could cause any damages or injuries
Report to the 1st Assistant, while taking instructions directly from the Deck Foreman or 2nd Assistant during lifting operations