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About the job Site Reliability / DevOps Engineer | OneWelcome

On behalf of One Welcome, Europe's #1 Identity Platform, we are looking for an:

DevOps Engineer

Yes, building stuff is exciting. Especially at OneWelcome, because protecting our online identity is a scalding hot topic. That means the Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solutions we build, are embraced by an increasing number of enterprises. But while building stuff is great, if whatever we create isn't properly maintained, or if cracks appear in the cement, we have to put on our hard hat and MacGyver our way back to safety. After all, if customer services fail to live up to their reputation, Elvis may leave the building. Are you a customer-centric engineer with a build IT, run IT, fix IT mentality? OneWelcome to you!

What you will do?

As our Site Reliability / OpsDev Engineer, you have to lay that secret fondness for Dolly Parton to rest. After all, issues dont have a 9 to 5 mentality, and neither does the support team you occasionally strengthen. That isnt to say nightly troubleshooting sessions will be your final destination, because your Operations team much prefers a proactive approach if we can identify (and strengthen) weak spots before they bother our customers, so much the better.

What you need to succeed?

You will perform essential maintenance, apply changes and extend the monitoring and operations toolsets for both customers and internal users alike. Your mission: to provide an efficient, scalable, reliable and resilient SaaS service that connects millions of users to digital customer portals and online environments. To maximize your impact, its important you can think outside-in and approach services holistically. 

  • 3+ years of Linux experience (Redhat or CentOS skills are a plus), supplemented with scripting prowess (Bash, Python, Ansible) and MySQL and MongoDB knowledge
  • Enjoyed and understand the awesomeness of AWS
  • If you worked on service providing platforms before, great! If not, we at least expect you to understand the importance of platform availability and predictability
  • Monitoring experience (e.g., Zabbix, Nagios, Splunk, etc.) and the ability to manage and analyze Java and J2EE based applications is a HUGE plus
  • More bonus points are up for grabs if you are familiar with identity management related concepts like (de)provisioning, workflowself-service, and self-service concepts You can certainly save Elvis all by your lonesome (no need to cry though), but you prefer to come to the rescue with the entire squad
  • For you, empowering others is as inspiring as being empowered by them
  • In-depth understanding of the challenges that come with running applications in a 24x7, highly secure web environment

Why join this team?

To succeed at, you and your 8 (and further growing team) colleagues, work in tandem with the Service Desk, analyzing potential issues and develop-ing fixes on the fly, while ensuring that whatever gets remedied, stays remedied.

What will we offer you?

  • A generous salary and ditto retirement benefits
  • A crucial role in our organization, where your success is an essential factor to our success as a company
  • A position at one of the largest European CIAM vendor
  • Working with highly skilled professionals as motivated and driven as you are
  • A flat organization where politics are at a minimum
  • A fantastic work hard/play hard scale-up environment
  • Yearly company trips
  • Celebrating successes
  • Free lunch,snacksand drinks

Company description

Our vision is centred around connecting and protecting people, businesses, and things. We believe in creating optimal balance between ease-of-use and safety in the user-journey. No matter if it is for a day, a full lifetime, just temporary or occasionally. Who the user is, what the user is allowed to do, enabling the user to opt in or out defines the relationship and its governance. Identity management is the basis of every online interaction and a true precondition in the implementation of any digital strategy.

Contact information

Are you interested, but do you still have a question? Please feel free to contact Barbara Boid, [email protected]

Of course, you can already apply for this unique opportunity too! To do so, click on the button "Solliciteren" and send us your CV and motivation letter. Please state your salary requirements and earliest possible start date when applying.