Job Openings Devops Engineer 2021

About the job Devops Engineer 2021

Bitrock enables enterprises to simultaneously improve organizational performance, achieve the goals of all the various functional technology roles. 

We work with large to medium-sized companies helping them streamline their infrastructure and deployment strategies. Our partnerships are oriented towards standout players on the market: 

Bitrock is one the most trusted Hashicorp and Confluent partner in Italy.  

What you will do:

- As DevOps Engineer you'll collaborate closely with the backend and frontend engineering teams to create scalable and self-healing infrastructure for serving our customers real-time insights.

- You will create tools and deployment systems that enable high feature velocity and developers quality of life.

 What we need from you:

- Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration

- Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services

- A working understanding of code and script (Bash, Python or Ruby)

- Experience with configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef)

- Experience with monitoring, observability, and logging services (Prometheus, EFK/ELK, Loki, etc.)

- Knowledge of CI/CD tools and processes

- Excellent English


What we offer to you:

- A continuous improvement/learning environment . We also offer you a certification pattern in devops related skills

- A team of talented people with whom you can engage your skills and exchange experience. 

- We’re committed to treating you with respect and helping you achieve your career aspirations.


 Side benefits:

- Health insurance

- ticket restaurant

- Possibility of flexible working hours and smart working