Job Openings Data Architect

About the job Data Architect

Are you ready to (Bit)Rock?

Brave. If you think out of the box and you are not afraid to stand up and share your ideas

Team Player. If you believe that you can go solo, but successes are real only when shared with your team.

Frank. If you believe that speaking clearly is the key for great communication and you are open to constructive feedbacks. Don’t be touchy, be smart! You can always improve yourself.

Passionate. If love for technology burns your soul and you are not afraid to look beyond your skills.

Empathetic. If you believe that emotions are what makes us humans and being in other’s shoes sometimes can make you change perspective…

...we are waiting for you to rock with us!

What you will do:

  • As Data Architect you will be responsible for the analysis of the functional requirements and the design of the technical architecture.
  • You will contribute to the application design, testing and deployment by working closely with our DevOps team in order to provide a complete solution for our customers.
  • During the analysis/design/development cycle you will support the team in order to identify possible data gaps, build data pipelines and create automated solutions to deliver the enriched data and analytics capabilities required by the existing applications.
  • You will also be responsible of the creation and management of the new team of Data Engineers that will add to the current set of expertise Bitrock is already providing to its customers.

Who we need from you:

The ideal candidate has a proven record of successful real world projects, both as a normal solution and as a data architect, and the proven ability to work in distributed systems

The candidate must have hands on experience with the most important tools, like Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, HDFS, Yarn, Spark and Kafka ecosystem. PrestoDB, Cassandra, Flink and ElasticSearch are also good additions or alternatives.

Experience with the tools available at one or more cloud providers would be a big plus (ie AWS Kinesis and S3, or Google PubSub and BigTable).

Knowledge about BI, Data preparation, Data lineage and Data governance are also a plus. Experience even bigger plus.

Then, you shouls also have the folloeing qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or related field required (Master’s degree preferred)
  • 5+ years’ experience in a data analysis or management role
  • Knowledge of Java/Scala, Python
  • Must be able to develop creative solutions to problems
  • Fluency in English is very important

What you didn’t know about the team

Even if we work very hard on our projects, we always find time for training. 

We are committed in taking care of our team members' technical skills through certified courses, innovation labs and constant access to training tools.

We also find the time to chill out together, playing funny games, cooking together or just having a drink in good company.

Side benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Ticket restaurant
  • Possibility of flexible working hours and smart working