Job Openings PCT Design Director (m/f/d)

About the job PCT Design Director (m/f/d)


1. Focus on the global brand positioning, collect and analyze the market competition product information of the series of products in charge, conduct product research planning and development plans, and complete product cycle management to form a R&D pattern of "production generation, research and development generation, and reserve generation" .

2. According to the product development plan, conduct design research on new specifications, new patterns, and related basic technology research.

3. According to the needs of regional markets and market segments, complete positioning, classification, planning, etc. of products and technologies, and market feedback solutions.

4. Carry out new product trial production, measurement and test process management and optimization, equipment and process standards, efficiency, cost evaluation, optimization, and poor improvement.

5. According to internal and external customer needs and complaints,  complete product quality and performance improvement and technical services; carry out structural design of OE supporting products.

6. Responsible for standard design, issue and change management during product development and production; design and revision of DFMEA.

7, technical staff training and planning, accumulation and application of basic technology.



1. Experienced candidates from global leading tire manufacturers

2. More Senior Candidates are welcome, min. experience 15 years...

The Salary is negotiable (starting from 150.000 € p. A.), depending on experience & qualification.


l  Provide apartment

l  car/driver

l  Annual paid vacation 3-4 weeks

l  1-2 times round trip tickets per year

l  Other requires negotiable according to request