Job Openings CTO of Globalization (m/f/d)

About the job CTO of Globalization (m/f/d)


1. Based on the global market and product technology development trends, aim at high-end products and high-end markets, build a global technology innovation system, complete product planning and design research and development, and form a R&D pattern of "production generation, reserve generation, research generation" .

2. Use global technology and intellectual resources, innovate technological research and development models, fully integrate the company's research and development and innovation platforms, accelerate in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and research institute teams, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of technology and products.

3. Carry out key research in mechanics, finite element simulation and it’s software development, test and detection technology, high-performance new material replacement application, and automotive adaptability area, focus on accelerating the research and development of core technologies and strategic new products, to achieve products technology transformation and upgrading.

4. Accelerate the research on new materials, new processes and new equipment, and actively promote the development of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly tires, new energy vehicle tires, aviation tires, high temperature resistance, extreme cold resistance tires, and military, civilian special tires, rubber track and other new products. To cultivate new economic growth points for the company.

5. Do a good job in the introduction, training, use and selection of high-end technology R & D talents from a global perspective, and build an international, professional, and knowledge-based R & D team. At the same time, establish and improve the management system of technological innovation, quality, and production integration, and complete the construction of production technology management and quality management system and the construction of talent teams.

6. Seriously study and make full use of the country's policies and measures in the field of science and technology, strengthen the building of scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and protect intellectual property rights.



1. no limit on nationality or age, we prefer candidates from global leading tire manufacturers

2. min. 20 years of job experience, so more senior candidates are welcome

3. Salary starting from 250.000 € p. A. - but negotiable depending on experience & qualifications


l  Provide apartment

l  car/driver

l  Annual paid vacation 3-4 weeks

l  1-2 times round trip tickets per year

l  Other requires negotiable according to request