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About the job Security Manager

C4I Solutions is seeking engage a skilled Security Manager with experience in Quality Management assist with developing and implementing a strategic security program for Army Aviation Command (AVNCOMD), and managing the security of our staff, and physical and digital assets.

This role offers an initial 12-month FTE contract opportunity, with the potential to extend for a further two years.

  • Commencement date: 18th July 2022
  • Applications close: 17th June 2022
  • Expected rates: $1150 - $1250 pd.
  • Location Fairbairn, ACT. 

About us :-

C4I Solutions is a 100% Sovereign and Veteran owned business with an industry qualified professional workforce and engagements with industry-leading partners. We are focused on delivering highly skilled and qualified professionals to our clients, with a strong emphasis on being results-driven and ensuring professional satisfaction and ongoing development opportunities.

About the role :-

Headquarters Army Aviation Command (AVNCOMD) is Army’s newest functional command. It is responsible for the command and control of Army Aviation units, training of combat aviators, and the provision of airworthiness oversight for all of Army.

As an operator of some of Army’s most sophisticated equipment. Maintenance of high standards of security governance across the command is essential to mission success.

The command Security Manager will be responsible to a Two Staff Officer for developing and implementing a strategic security program for Army Aviation Command, and managing the security of our staff, and physical and digital assets.

The role will also see the Command Security manager responsible for liaising with Army and Strategic level security agencies to ensure Command alignment with broader Defence security policy and initiatives.

The successful candidate will be able to foster a culture of security awareness that drives behavioural changes within the Command. Additionally, the candidate should have excellent analytical skills and the ability to minimise risk to the safety and integrity of personnel and classified information.

Role requirements :-

 The Security Manager will provide the following Services in support of COS AVNCOMD:

  1. Building a comprehensive security program for HQ Aviation Command that includes physical safety and cybersecurity policies;
  2. Reviewing existing security measures and updating protocols as needed;
  3. Overseeing the daily operations of the Command to identify potential security risks and room for improvements;
  4. Fostering a culture of physical and digital security awareness by conducting training sessions and communicating with Command personnel;
  5. Facilitating security audits of Aviation Command units;
  6. Providing oversight of the security accreditation status of Aviation Command facilities;
  7. Drafting security policy;
  8. Evaluating security trends across the command and updating policy to mitigate emerging security risks;
  9. Ensuring the Command's security policies comply with legislation and broader Defence security policy; and
  10. Represent Aviation Command at the Army Security Working Group and other security related fora.

Additional requirements in support of AVNCOMD Security Management:

The Security Manager may be requested to assist with other activities within the security area of responsibility including:

  1. Presenting security risk assessments to key leaders within the Command on an as required basis;
  2. Working with management to develop and implement an appropriate budget for command security programs;
  3. Engage with relevant stakeholders, identifying any gaps, risks, or issues;
  4. Be prepared to provide specialist advice to working groups and LCD Stakeholders;
  5. Manage obstacles that will impede the deliverables being successfully executed;
  6. Successfully collaborate with ADF and APS staff and Defence contractors;
  7. Self-manage their hours to ensure contractual obligations are being met and to advise the Project Manager of contractual risks;
  8. Not work out of scope of contract; and
  9. Be capable of working remotely (off site).

Skills & experience :-

The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience and qualifications required to meet the minimum standards of the DSS Panel Level 3 Advanced Practitioner in the requisite Skill Sets of:

  • Quality Management – Policy and Practice (Essential); and
  • General Authoring & Writing Services (Desirable).

Desirable criteria :-

The following demonstrated experience and skills will be highly regarded:

  • A superior knowledge of Defence security policy and writing standards.
  • Experience in the management of one or more fields of Defence Security (eg management of facilities security accreditations, previous security roles in higher headquarters or other Government Departments etc).
  • Demonstrated experience in evaluating workplace practices and procedures against quality systems / policy.
  • Proven ability to work within a multiple disciplined Commonwealth and Contractor team to achieve effective outcomes. 

Essential criteria :-

  • Must have proven experience in Quality Management – Policy and Practice
  • Must hold a minimum AGSVA Negative Vetting 2 Security Clearance (NV2).

What we can offer you :-

  • Rapidly learn technical knowledge and skills in the ICT and Defence industry.
  • Working in a challenging and exciting environment.
  • An opportunity to develop and grow with industry qualified SME’s.
  • Ongoing support to ensure you the best chance of success with current and ongoing employment opportunities.

How to Apply :-

Applicants will be required to submit an updated CV and provide a statement outlining their expression of interest, addressing the criteria outlined in the description above.