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About the job Project Manager

C4I Solutions is seeking a skilled Project Manager to provide project Management support to Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) to develop a SOCOMD Future Ready Training System (FRTS) to support the future Special Operations workforce.

This role offers an initial 11-month FTE contract opportunity, with the potential to extend for a further two years.

  • Commencement date: 25th July 2022
  • Applications close: 6th July 2022
  • Expected rate: $1200 - $1300 pd.
  • Location: Holsworthy, NSW

About us :-

C4I Solutions is a 100% Sovereign and Veteran owned business with an industry qualified professional workforce and engagements with industry-leading partners. We are focused on delivering highly skilled and qualified professionals to our clients, with a strong emphasis on being results-driven and ensuring professional satisfaction and ongoing development opportunities.

About the role :-

The Client is seeking an experienced Project Manager to support Commandant Defence Special Operations Training and Education Centre (DSOTEC) in his capacity as Director Special Operations Force Generation to implement the Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) Workforce Modernisation Strategy 2028. The primary duty of the position is to develop a SOCOMD Future Ready Training System (FRTS) to support the future Special Operations workforce. While the resource is answerable to Commandant DSOTEC, the successful tenderer will be capable of working both in teams and independently.

​Accelerated Warfare provides the framework for how Army needs to think, equip, organise, train and educate for war. To meet these challenges, Army is building a FRTS that is scalable and capable of preparing the Future Ready Workforce​ in contact and under pressure. This means developing a training system capable of training more people, for more environments, more quickly; an agile training system that quickly adapts to changing force structures, changing equipment and changing operating environments. The training system’s principles are agility, simplicity, and capacity.

DSOTEC (SOCOMD’s training centre) is developing a FRTS along Army’s three lines of effort (LOE): building a Training System Architecture, using and creating live-synthetic Training Environments, and developing a Training Continuum where skills, knowledge and competencies are attained at the point of need.

Role requirements :-

The statement of duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

  1. Support the development of the SOCOMD FRTS aligned to the Army’s developing model and nested with SOCOMD’s capability and future workforce requirements;
  2. Conduct project planning and management functions in support of the development and implementation of a SOCOMD FRTS;
  3. Develop the written SOCOMD FRTS strategy and implementation plan;
  4. Act as SOCOMD’s primary liaison for Army’s FRTS Program Management Office;
  5. Support, attend and provide all written submissions to Army FRTS working groups and meetings on behalf of SOCOMD;
  6. Garner and represent SOCOMD equities at Army FRTS working groups, meetings, and governance boards on behalf of Commandant DSOTEC as required;
  7. Identify and represent all issues and risks regarding the development of the Army FRTS to appropriate SOCOMD stakeholders;
  8. Provide a monthly written report to Commandant DSOTEC on project progress;
  9. Provide weekly update briefs to DSOTEC staff on project progress and Army FRTS developments;
  10. Provide written talking points in response to FRTS related papers submitted to senior level steering groups and committees as directed;
  11. Write papers for senior level steering groups and committees as directed;
  12. Brief senior leaders on the FRTS as required;
  13. Identify suitable SOCOMD projects for funding by the Army FRTS program and submit bids to the PMO in the required format in accordance with directed timelines;
  14. Liaise with DSOTEC staff officers, HQ SOCOMD and HQ FORCOMD in support of the development and implementation of a FRTS;
  15. Generate all required documentation and info-graphics in the format and standard specified by the Client;
  16. Contribute to stakeholder engagement including implementing relevant communications plans; and
  17. Other tasks as required by DSOTEC through the Chief of Staff in support of SOCOMD Stakeholders IAW the Special Operations Commander Australia's priorities.

Essential criteria :-

  • Due to the nature of this role, the successful candidate must hold a minimum AGSVA Negative Vetting 1 Security Clearance (NV1).

What we can offer you :-

  • Rapidly learn technical knowledge and skills in the ICT and Defence industry.
  • Working in a challenging and exciting environment.
  • An opportunity to develop and grow with industry qualified SME’s.
  • Ongoing support to ensure you the best chance of success with current and ongoing employment opportunities.

How to Apply :-

Applicants will be required to submit an updated CV and provide a statement outlining their expression of interest, addressing the criteria outlined in the description above.