Job Openings Bereavement Counsellor

About the job Bereavement Counsellor

  • Palliative Care Provider
  • Part of Interdisciplinary Specialist Palliative Care Team
  • Collaborative Working Environment


  • To maintain and manage a database of bereavement referrals, undertaking bereavement intake /risk assessments, formulate, implement and evaluate therapeutic interventions for the bereaved.
  • To provide support, counselling and therapy to the bereaved individuals or families using individual and family therapy modalities.
  • To organise and moderate group work providing group support and therapy to the bereaved (e.g. children, adults and/or families)
  • To demonstrate competency in basic case management skills to provide information and referral services to the bereaved as appropriate.
  • To demonstrate an ability to work with other members of the multi-disciplinary team as appropriate.
  • To provide education and training to the Hospice interdisciplinary team and/or the public in the areas of grief and bereavement e.g. in understanding the processes of grief and bereavement, and the needs and care of the bereaved.
  • To demonstrate an interest in participating in outcome and impact studies on bereavement work


  • Masters Degree/Bachelors Degree/ Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and/or Social Work, or Equivalent from an accredited University.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in counselling, preferably in areas or settings related to grief and bereavement e.g. processes of death, dying, mourning, grieving, including effective strategies for bereavement counselling/therapy and group work with various age groups.
  • Experience and/or specific training in End-of-Life Care and Palliative and Hospice Services, group work facilitation is an added advantage.
  • Bilingual and/or with added fluency in a dialect is preferred
  • Strong team worker with organizational and time-management skills