Job Openings Senior Consultant, Fundraising

About the job Senior Consultant, Fundraising

  • NGO
  • Business Partnerships & Account Management
  • Events Management


  • Acquire and outreach to potential sponsors, donors, and partners for funding.
  • Execute programmes and initiatives to garner fresh funds.
  • Relationship building to nurture unions and existing sponsors, donors, and partners.
  • Execute events and activities to engage beneficiaries.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to attain overall organisational objectives.
  • Track programs, review fund applications and manage reports and budgets.
  • Build and manage the social media profiles and presence, including facebook, website and channels.
  • Create appropriate and shareable content appropriate to gain awareness.


  • Degree with at least 3 years of relevant experience, preferably in account management, sales and marketing
  • Results oriented personnel who have demonstrated good track record in handling business partnerships and account management
  • Able to work independently to nurture relationships with corporates and partners.
  • Experienced in planning and organising events and programmes
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills, proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
  • Good interpersonal skills and a team player
  • Having a ready network of corporates and partners to outreach to is an added advantage