Job Openings Senior Manager BPA (Business Planning Administration)

About the job Senior Manager BPA (Business Planning Administration)

1. Position Purpose: 

BPA functions includes by developing and implementing comprehensive strategies for diverse international markets, encouraging market expansion through data-driven results. The position holder plays an integral part in budget forecasting and continuous improvement in line with the organization's overall objectives. This includes addressing client-specific needs, budget management, and providing insights for financial risk mitigation strategy. The position holder frequently fosters strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and potential business partners, in order to provide high quality data analysis in timely manner to CED's operational improvement and its strategy setting.

2. Key Responsibilities: 

A. Strategic and Managerial Responsibilities:

Strategic and Planning

Implement the BPA functional strategy in line with business vision, mission, and CED objectives. Ensure that the overall business strategy is translated into annual BPA operational business plans and the performance is monitored to ensure business plans are in line with the overall strategy.

Policy, Procedures, Process and Systems

Implement BPA functional policy, systems, processes, procedures and controls covering all BPA functional areas in line with client's & SMEF's policies to ensure fulfilment of all relevant procedural/legislative requirements while delivering quality and cost-effective service in a consistent manner.


  • Manage BPA compliance frameworks and programs within the BPA department, ensuring alignment with local and international laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Establish reporting mechanisms to proactively monitor and report on risk and compliance issues within the BPA department, and collaborate with senior leadership to escalate critical matters for timely resolution, while also offering recommendations for mitigation.

B. Core Responsibilities:

Process Optimization:

Exemplify exceptional leadership prowess by guiding and inspiring a high-performing team of professionals through data driven insights.

Develop and implement strategies to streamline the BPA Operations budget process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Identify areas for improvement and implement automation solutions to enhance productivity and reduce manual effort.

  • Supporting CED business operation to follow PDCA cycle by providing timely analysis so they counter measures are taken to realize fatter improvement.

Resource Management:

  • Manage budgets, allocating resources effectively to achieve maximum ROI, with in depth analysis of profitability , marketability and sustainability of CED business.
  • Monitor expenses, track financial performance, and adjust spending as necessary.

Provide guidance and support to the Sales and Products/ Marketing team in resource allocation and budget management.

Business Development:

Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to ensure the business division's success in delivering exceptional service and achieving targets.

  • Collaborate with the Sales and Products/ Marketing, Operations teams in CED as well as the members in BOMD to identify room for improvement in both existing business and new business opportunities, in order to set development strategies to expand the customer base and support sustainability of CED business
  • Analyze market trends, competitor activities, and customer feedback to drive business growth and increase sales revenue.
  • Collabrate with HQ to obtain necessary support to realize the business development, in terms of the internal approval process and any resource funding.
  • Keep close communication with both resellers and suppliers to maximize business opportunity and minimize risk in business development (PSI management, Selling price and Gross Profit control, etc.)

Process Documentation and Standardization:

- Document and standardize budget processes, ensuring clear guidelines and   procedures are in place.

- Develop and maintain a repository of best practices, templates, and tools to   enable consistent and efficient execution of business activities.

- Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the effectiveness of business operations.

- Monitor team performance, track business metrics, and generate reports to   provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

- Support CED to run PDCA cycle.

Technology Integration:

  • Evaluate and implement technology solutions to automate and optimize business processes. Collaborate with IT teams to ensure seamless integration of systems, platforms, and other tools to enhance efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Foster strong relationships with cross-functional teams, including marketing, finance, and operations, to align business processes with overall business objectives.
  • Collaborate on projects and initiatives to drive operational excellence and enhance customer experience.

Compliance and Risk Management:

- Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, policies, and procedures related     to business operations.

- Mitigate risks by implementing appropriate controls and monitoring      processes.

C. Team Management Responsibilities:


Actively embrace and promote the organization's culture, values, and mission in daily work interactions and decision-making, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

Self Development

Continuously invest in personal growth, skills enhancement, and knowledge acquisition to stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies


Facilitate clear and timely communication with colleagues, peers, and supervisors, both in verbal and written forms, to facilitate collaboration, share insights, and contribute to task success.

3. Key Communications

A. Internal:

- Headquarters and  client factories '- General Managers and Directors. '- Deputy General Manager.

- Sales/ Marketing/ Operations and Products Teams.

- BOMD (Finance/ Accounting/ Legal/ Logistic/ IT/ Compliance/ etc.

B. External:

- Business Partners (Dealers, Manufactures, Distributors and Vendors).

- Service Providers (Developers, Logistic).

5. Qualifications and Experience

A. Education and Specialty:

- Bachelors degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Management or equivalent is required.

- Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), Engineering, Management or equivalent is preferred.

B. Experiences and Skills (No. of years of experience required):

Skills Required:

  • Strong strategic and analytical thinking to develop and implement sales strategies that align with global market trends and company objectives.
  • Partner, reseller & supplier relationship management skills, including the ability to build and maintain strong client relationships, understand customer needs, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Team management skills are essential to have smooth communication with all the other functional teams under SMEF.
  • Deep understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics is crucial.
  • Proven skills in market research and analysis to identify opportunities and threats in the market, and to guide product and marketing decisions.
  • Advanced knowledge of sales analytics and reporting tools to analyze sales data and generate meaningful reports.
  • Strong understanding of sales processes and methodologies, including lead management, opportunity management, and sales forecasting.
  • Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel for data analysis and reporting.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively communicate sales strategies and insights to stakeholders.

Years of Experience: Minimum of 8-10 years of relevant experience, with preferred 3 years of experience in a similar role.