Job Openings Senior Operator

About the job Senior Operator

Job Title: Senior Operator 

Location: Dubai

Job Summary: We are seeking a skilled and experienced Senior Operator in Plastic Manufacturing with a focus on HDPE, injection molding, and blow molding. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in plastic manufacturing processes, equipment operation, and quality control. The Senior Operator will be responsible for overseeing production activities, ensuring compliance with safety standards, troubleshooting machinery, and maintaining production efficiency. This role requires strong technical knowledge, leadership skills, and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.


  1. Operate and monitor plastic manufacturing equipment, including HDPE extruders, injection molding machines, and blow molding machines.
  2. Ensure adherence to production schedules and quality standards.
  3. Conduct routine inspections of machinery and equipment to identify and resolve issues promptly.
  4. Perform adjustments and maintenance tasks to optimize machine performance and minimize downtime.
  5. Train and mentor junior operators to enhance their skills and proficiency in plastic manufacturing processes.
  6. Collaborate with the maintenance team to coordinate repairs and preventive maintenance activities.
  7. Monitor raw material inventory levels and coordinate with the procurement team to ensure availability as needed.
  8. Implement and enforce safety protocols and procedures to maintain a safe working environment.
  9. Document production data, including machine settings, production output, and quality control measurements.
  10. Troubleshoot production problems and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  11. Coordinate with quality control inspectors to conduct product inspections and ensure compliance with specifications.
  12. Identify opportunities for process improvements and efficiency enhancements.
  13. Maintain cleanliness and organization in the production area to uphold hygiene standards.
  14. Comply with company policies, procedures, and regulations at all times.