Lagos, LA, Nigeria

Content Associate

 Job Description:

About Career Buddy 

We call ourselves CareerBuddy. Most people say we are a recruiting organisation. But we are much more. What we do and how we do it aren’t as important as why we do it. 

Here’s our WHY:  If you pay attention, you will always hear most employees are disengaged from their work. Most people hate what they do. Also, a lot of companies find it difficult to hire highly engaged professionals. 

We exist to solve this problem. Our vision is to help highly engaged and driven professionals navigate their careers. That involves helping them find new opportunities, supporting them with resources, access to networks, and content that helps them transform their careers.

How we work

Our team is small, high functioning, excellence driven, distributed.  
The most important thing for us is to deliver exceptional, high-quality work at all times. We don’t have an office so to speak, you can do your work from anywhere as long as your work is done. We practice idea meritocracy. That means the best idea wins regardless of where it comes from. We give direct, open feedback to help you and the team collectively perform better. We don’t have time for politics or seniority. We are obsessed with personal growth. And we like to have fun doing what we like.

We’re looking for an all-star Content Creator to join our team and create powerful content to help tell our story, writing inspiring content, and impact the lives of professionals across Africa.

What are the big challenges you would likely tackle:
  • Launch a career-focused newsletter and grow to 5,000 subscribers in the first 3 months.
  • Publish groundbreaking contents and guides in the area of Hiring, Careers, Work, Personal Growth
Role Description
You are the content guru. You will own and have the final say on everything that goes out on our website. You will be in charge of producing and screening articles, guides, social media posts that go out to our members. Specifics of the role are broken down as follow:
Content Writing 
  • Responsible for creating the content layout, content format, and most importantly, ensure that the content is search engine friendly for all pages on the site.
  • You would get to decide what the content is, write it, and manage third party contributions. 
Email Marketing: 
  • You will be responsible for creating a comprehensive email marketing strategy that helps us effectively engage our audience.
  • Create, manage and disseminate the Career Buddy newsletter on a weekly basis.
  • You will design and run targeted email campaigns to grow our membership.
  • Own end-to-end email strategy including planning and execution to increase customer engagement 
  • You will be the final stop for all contents going on the site.
  • You will edit both company content and third party content going on the site.
  • You will have oversight on all guides published on our platform in terms of design, content and target audience.

Who you are

  • You are obsessed with storytelling. You enjoy writing content that helps people find purpose, meaning and growth.
  • You have a good eye for detail and making decisions based on data.
  • You are looking for something more than a job, you want to do what you love and have fun doing it in the process. 

The following attributes are your superpower:
Wordsmith: Excellent writer and communicator 
Builder: Past experience building audiences and producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Proactive and resourceful: you don’t wait to be told what to do and you usually find the best resources to get things done. 
Sweat the details: you pay attention to the details that others overlook. (if you read this please include the word "eureka!" in your application)
Highly curious and voracious learner: you are constantly expanding your boundaries and learning new things quickly. You are the one that constantly shares the best blog posts or articles to your colleagues. 
A dual-minded approach: You’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decisions.
Creative: "can't be done" is not in your vocabulary and you see things through angles that others often miss.
Analytical and results-driven: you love seeing the results of your work in real numbers. You are always looking at the metrics and discovering opportunities to improve. 
Application Instructions 
Your application should include the following: 
  • A 100 to 200 word guide on how to ace a virtual interview. 
  • Samples of previous writing work
  • Be part of an organisation creating change in the workplace
  • Moderately competitive compensation with performance-focused incentives
  • Great flexibility to experiment, grow, and challenge the status quo.
  Required Skills:

Pay Incentives Oversight Publishing Email Marketing Twitter Membership Editing Search Articles Metrics Screening Hiring Campaigns Facebook Compensation Instructions Recruiting Marketing Strategy Writing Social Media Strategy Email Design Planning Marketing