Benin City, ED, Nigeria

Growth Associate (Marketing)

 Job Description:

About the company

Helium Health is a healthcare tech company set to be the backbone of healthcare in the African region. The company was established in 2015 and currently prides itself as the #1 electronic medical records provider in West Africa. However, this EMR solution is just one of the ways they want to fix African healthcare with technology. 

With their highly innovative team, they solve the problems in the healthcare sector by providing digital solutions that are not only efficient but highly intuitive and user-friendly – giving stakeholders clear roadmaps to achieve their individual objectives.  

Helium Health’s mission is to accelerate the African continent’s transition to a data-driven healthcare sector. 

The company promotes a culture that is flexible, relaxed, goal-oriented and passion-driven – aiming to attract individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves and drive major achievements

About the Role

Set to be the backbone of healthcare across Africa, the team at Helium Health is seeking to hire a Growth Associate (marketing) whiz to help bolster Helium Health’s presence. The core of your duty is to research, connect and establish working relationships with potential target markets and customers on a direct basis.

It means that you will have a perfect balance between doing some office work in terms of research and on-field work in terms of signing up clients, maintaining a working relationship with them and ensuring Helium Health is an integral aspect of the facility’s process by ensuring Helium’s software is being used effectively.

Helium Health considers you a critical aspect to the overall growth of the company as you will be a powerhouse in improving the company’s market position and hence helping the company achieve financial growth. This role is required across five locations: Jos, Abeokuta, Anambra, Owerri and Benin and therefore provides you an opportunity to choose where you would like to build a great life and do what you love.

If Hired, What Do you need to do to be considered successful?

You need to help the company in broadening its reach by signing up and onboarding new facilities to use the Helium Health Platform regularly. You would also be required to meet weekly and monthly team goals and objectives set out.

How important are you to the Bottom Line?

The more facilities you regularly sign-up the more the company makes and expands its reach, which also ultimately means you will make more.

The Biggest Problem-Solving Duties on the Job

1. You will be tasked with meeting various goals in an ever-changing environment with tight deadlines

2. You will be faced with moving quickly and being extra proactive in ensuring and increasing customer satisfaction.

Skills and Experience

1. You have to be excellent in direct sales skills

2. You need to be comfortable with working closely and also communicate effectively with local and international leadership in an ever-changing environment with tight deadlines

3. You should be very experienced in interfacing with customers

4. An entrepreneurial spirit is important, you should be able to move and execute quickly to allow for continual iteration as this is a core competency of the Helium’s team

5. Being a good communicator is also important in liaising with the customers and also within the organization.

6. You should be able to challenge your team members and also be challenged to achieve team goals

7. Proactive interest in increasing customer satisfaction and deepen customer relationships is also important

What do I stand to gain?

1. You will have a fixed salary and commission. In which the team leaders will receive a base salary of N70,000 monthly and 10% of the revenue per hospital signed up, so if you sign-up enough hospitals, you have the potential to earn very high.

2. You will have an opportunity for adventure by experiencing and exploring life in other states.

3. You will have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections on the job.

  Required Skills:

Hospitals Clients Direct Sales Onboarding Commission Balance Healthcare Associate Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Records Salary Software Research Leadership Sales Marketing