Lagos, LA, Nigeria

Application Support Engineer

 Job Description:

Chaka is on a mission to provide Nigerians with limitless access to global investment opportunities. They are seeking to change the narrative about investment in Nigeria while making it easier for Nigerians to travel, explore, trade, and invest in other parts of the world.
In basic terms, Chaka is building a platform that allows Nigerians to Invest in global capital markets alongside Nigerian markets and also provides access to foreigners who want to invest in the Nigerian capital market. They are simply a conduit for global investments.
Chaka provides access to over 4000 assets listed on the US stock exchange as well as blue-chip companies in over 40 countries across the world.
They boast of a user base of over 5000 active users at the beginning of the year, have processed nearly $200,000 in trade volume since it started last year.

About The Role
Chaka is looking to hire an application support  Engineer to join their team. You will be in charge of overseeing the deployment and maintenance of software in order to streamline business operations. Their duties include optimizing software application performance, installing updates, updating requirements, and performing debugging procedures.
What do you need to do to be considered successful?
Your duties will include reporting to our senior software engineering team, collaborating with colleagues, and performing successful code migration. You will also be required to provide IT support to our clients. You will also be responsible for the following:
  • Providing software application support under the supervision of the Senior Engineer.
  • Performing analyses on software application functionality and suggesting improvements.
  • Ensuring effective front end and back end functionality of applications.
  • Consulting with the software development team, internal users, and clients to improve application performance.
  • Managing code migration across environments to ensure continued and synchronized functionality.
  • Establishing the root causes of application errors, and escalating serious concerns to the Senior Engineer.
  • Keeping record of configuration changes and scheduling application updates.
  • Documenting processes and monitoring application performance metrics.
  • Providing front end support to clients and colleagues in other departments.
How Important Are you to the bottom-line
Your role will be important in contributing to the development of both internal and partner software integration projects, new web, and mobile applications by ensuring that the development team has needed support and direction.
Biggest Problem-Solving duties on The Job
Your biggest challenge would be in your ability to successfully serve as a conduit between teams while creating a seamless development process and providing support to users
What you need to have done in your Career
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or similar.
  • Demonstrable experience as a Support Engineer in a related field.
  • Knowledge of front end and back end programming languages, such as Java Spring, C#, Javascript, MSSQL, and Python.
  • Ability to manage code migration, document configuration changes, and monitor performance.
  • Exceptional ability to provide front end support to internal departments and web-based clients.
  • Advanced proficiency in determining the causes of application errors and repairing them.
  • Ability to keep up with innovation in application design.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
What do you stand to gain?
  • Drive the growth of investment opportunities for Nigerians.
  • Competitive remuneration
  Required Skills:

Engineer Remuneration Business Operations Capital Software Engineering BASIC Operations Information Systems Mobile Applications Metrics Programming Languages Investments ROOT Consulting Travel Software Development Scheduling Integration Computer Science Programming Information Technology Python reporting C# Software JavaScript Java Design Communication Engineering Science Maintenance Business