Director Of Schools (Government Partnerships)

 Job Description:

About the company
Bridge Academy is an organization focused on ensuring every child has access to a life-changing education and they view this as the right of a child. Bridge moves to develop potentials and creates the foundation for nation-building and as such, they actively collaborate with governments, donors, and parents to drive this goal. They leverage on data, experts and technology to support teachers and empower school leaders in the process of quality education delivery with new and improved methods. Bridge utilizes the inputs from their other offices around the world with the support of each country team to ensure world-class expertise with a mixture of local resident leadership and execution.

Bridge managed and supported schools are technology-enabled and data-driven to ensure accountability in the classroom for both teachers’ performance and children’s learning. Their model involves the use of technology to create thoroughly researched customized learning materials to ensure learning outcomes and positive development for children. This model is strongly powered by the belief that innovation and technology can transform learning.  
They relish the challenge posed by this mission and are inviting you to join them in ensuring that children are able to learn better across the world.

About The Role
The team at Bridge International is seeking to hire a director of schools. This role would be pivotal to the integrated delivery Bridge’s programming across each school, each teacher, each classroom, and most importantly each child. You will be responsible for performance management in every school within the territory and also ensuring that a high quality of education is delivered to each child.
As a director, managing and ensuring efficiency and development will be of paramount importance and the ability to implement strategies to engage parents and the community.

How Important are you to the bottom line
Your role is at the linchpin of everything that Bridge does, you have the exciting opportunity of building and managing relationships with stakeholders ( Government officials, parents and community groups) and therefore you are important to ensuring maximum impact is delivered. Your ability to drive performance in this role affects how well Bridge International is able to provide quality learning opportunities for the child. You are responsible for the development of school leaders and the supervision of school activities and all of this inevitably affects the pupils

The Biggest Problem Solving Duties On the Job
Your ability to use your leadership skills to drive performance across different schools will be highly tested in this role. You will be required to manage parents, government officials and community groups to ensure maximum engagement and therefore good collaboration skills is of immense value.

If Hired, What Do you need to do to be considered successful?
To be considered successful in this role, written below are some of the key requirements. You will need to be able to:
- Be responsible for and the success of schools in your territory. Success is defined by (i) achieving excellence in all School Management metrics, (ii) meeting or exceeding ambitious learning outcome targets, (iii) building a culture of community and parent engagement.
- Ensure each Supervisor delivers on their oversight of schools and individual KPIs and be responsible for the management of direct reporting lines with Regional Managers.
- Use data from multiple sources to ensure that academic programming throughout the year is robust, adheres to regulatory guidelines, is contextualized to the territory, and leads to outsized learning outcomes for all pupils. 
- Supervise budget and optimization, prevent fraud and ensure financial discipline among the Schools group.
- Ensure local regulatory processes are followed, including environmental & social standards, as well as national regulations. 
- Ensure school staff and students are prepared to sit in government-proctored exams, as they may occur on a termly/semester basis, and with particular attention to national examinations. 
- Ensure that leadership & development sessions are delivered to schools during the course of the school year, and during induction training for new staff. 
- Support schools through the transition of staff, including of school leaders and teachers; work with local government and other local organizations as needed. 
- Ensure schools are working directly with county or regional government leadership, teacher training centers or regional organizations to support sourcing candidates for school staff. 
- Supervise budget and optimization, prevent fraud and ensure financial discipline among the Schools group.

Skills and Experience
The following would be relevant to be considered in this role:
- Undergraduate degree (or its equivalent) or Masters degree. Education Degree is preferred.
- Proven management and leadership experience, leading teams of people to accomplish an objective. School management experience is of immense value.
- Proven Track record of executing ideas and experience with managing field-based teams 
- Ability and experience in making data-driven decisions.
- Flexible, curious and loves to work in a dynamic environment.
- Collaborative leader with strong relationship building skills and strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
- An Experience In a Startup or rapid growth company is of added advantage.

What do You stand To Gain?
You stand to gain a competitive remuneration, an opportunity to work on exciting challenges, work with diverse multicultural teams, and deliver impactful world-class learning to pupils.
  Required Skills:

Closing SIT Oversight Leadership Development Partnerships Remuneration Accountability Ownership Metrics Budget Sourcing Conferences Teaching Problem Solving Optimization Government Performance Management Participation Regulations Programming reporting Education Materials Leadership Communication Training Management