Lagos, LA, Nigeria

Chief Operations Officer

 Job Description:

Volition Capital is on a mission to help hardworking and honest individuals create wealth and live fulfilling lives. They are driven by a vision to provide opportunities for individuals and organization to grow wealth and deliver value to the general public.
They help organizations gain access to venture funding while serving as a conduit for investors to connect with opportunities. They are highly focused on helping you identify investment opportunities and increase your knowledge of investing. 
 They fulfill our mandate through investment education, cooperatives, and partnerships with credible local and international investment companies. Our target audience is working professionals and retirees.
About The Role
Volition Capital is looking to hire a Chief Operations Officer to optimize her business operations and administration. You will design an efficient system that ensures Volition Capital is working at an optimal level across all functions. You should have considerable knowledge of the dynamics of the investment and venture capital space and be able to weave that knowledge with existing realities to achieve growth.

What do you need to be considered successful?
You will be responsible for driving operational excellence across different clusters of the business and manage operational resources to drive revenue. You’d also formulate strategic and operational objectives and monitor the implementation of objectives. You’d also be responsible for the following:
Manage business operations and administration 
  • Investment due diligence, including and especially financials.
  • Cooperative member records and contributions.
  • Regulatory requirements (in conjunction with a lawyer).
  • Annual calendar and statutory meetings.
  • Official documentation, presentations, and proposals.
  • Accounts reconciliation (in conjunction with an accountant)
Provide staff leadership
  • Management of staff and their stated job descriptions.
  • Mentoring and training
  • Manage strategic partnerships between Nigeria, East Africa and

How Important Are you to the bottomline?
You determine the ease and pace at which Volition Capital is able to provide opportunities for wealth creation for hardworking and honest people. Your mastery of this role also determines the quality of service and value that is delivered to clients. This role will report to the managing partners.

The Biggest problem solving duties on the job
You’ll be responsible for ensuring the validity of investment opportunities by leading investment due diligence. You’ll take on the role of a guide, ensuring members of staff have a clear understanding of their role.

What Do You need to Have done in your career?
  • At least 5 years of prior relevant experience.
  • Absolute discretion and confidentiality.
  • Maturity, character, and cultural intelligence.
  • Drive and ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication.
  • Intellect & thirst for knowledge.
  • Aptitude for numbers and spreadsheets. 
  • Attention to detail and ability to keep accurate records & documentation.
  • Good relationship skills and ability to communicate effectively via online channels

What you Stand to gain?
  • Competitive salary.
  • Health benefits on confirmation.
  • Housing allowance a year after confirmation.
  • Laptop, phone and internet allowance.
  Required Skills:

Operational Excellence Regulatory Requirements Intelligence EASE Financials Strategic Partnerships Business Operations Funding Capital Spreadsheets Partnerships Operations Confidentiality Confirmation Due Diligence Mentoring Problem Solving Presentations Salary Records Education Administration Documentation Leadership Design Communication Business Training Management