Lagos, LA, Nigeria

Business Development Manager

 Job Description:

About the Company

Medbury is a Corporate Health Advisory & Management company that provides assistance to organizations enabling them to achieve their Workplace Health and Wellness goals. 
Though they are not an HMO, they provide holistic end-to-end advisory & management services (such as onsite screenings, industrial hygiene checks, offshore locations medical staffing, pharmaceutical supplies, and the likes) covering all health needs while also aligning with local and international regulatory requirements and best practices that pertain to health within the workplace.
About the Role
The team at Medbury is looking to hire a Business Development Manager to communicate and not just sell the value of their service offering but to also lead strategy then figure out the pricing, promotion and placement metrics. In essence, you are someone who has the executive presence of a brand to build and execute effective & scale-able growth strategies. 
Ideally, you are someone who can come in to tell them the chances of a product meeting the revenue based on your assessment of the market, because you can thoroughly assess and understand the phase the business is in and build a structure accordingly; think of an Army General who isn’t just a Brilliant War Strategist but is also a natural at inspiring and commanding foot soldiers (who in this case are door-to-door salesmen) to go on a battle-winning streak. You’ll report to the COO and CEO.

The Biggest Problem you’ll need to Solve

You need to understand the phase the business is in. You need to be able to bring value from where you are coming from to grow at their company. You will be tasked with communicating and selling the value of their service offering. This means you will need to manage a team/unit that can implement the revenue goals of the organization which is ₦1.5 - ₦2 Billion.

To be Considered Successful on this Role

The priority goals you must achieve in the next 8-12 months are:

  1. Lead analysts to crunch the data that helps better re-define their markets. In the process, you must be compelling enough to seek buy-in to your strategy towards claiming these markets. 
  2. You will work with ideal teams to craft messaging, branding campaigns and pricing strategies that position and best communicate their value to their audiences across multiple touch-points.
  3. Lead your sales team to Hit the bottom-line numbers, essentially revenue targets of₦1.5 - ₦2 Billion.
  4. Diversify their business in terms of growth by growing the clientele list.  For instance, ₦2 Billion from 1 client is good but that’s incomparable to ₦2 Billion pooled from 20 clients. 
This is an extremely important role to the bottom-line, hence it's a commission-based role in addition to a monthly salary.

Achievable Growth Trajectory

While you might initially be slightly worked with hands-on, the founder is innovative and collaborative. You will be fully independent once trust is earned by effective high performance. There's an appraisal system which is twice a year, from January - June, and June - December. When you hit your metrics based on your appraisal you can get promoted. 

The following tasks can be implemented to meet promotion and raise expectation:
  • The current manager doesn't seem to be delegating work. This person is currently doing research work that they shouldn't be doing when they can instead hire a Business Support Analyst to focus on this. This means reorganizing the sales team & your budget to allow delegation of BI & Sales report(s) so you’re less burdened such that you can focus on core sales duties.
  • Think through the existing Business Strategy again to revisit & improve the current door-to-door sales approach [that is not working]
  • Build credibility and relationships on behalf of Medbury. Also, understand how this all translates to new and more business.
  • Deal with expansion plans across 3 industry categories: (i) Oil & Gas  (ii) Food & Beverages  (iii) Others

Resources available to aid this process include
  • A dedicated pool car + Driver
  • Sales & Logistics Budget and 
  • A decent per diem rate if and when you spend a night
You can eventually end up as the COO or CEO. 

Required Character Traits

  • Highly Motivated & Innovative Self Starter
  • Tech-Savvy & Street Smart
  • Highly Adaptable & Agile (Open to traveling and able to work remotely as required)
  • People Person (Great at Persuasion)
  • Natural Creative Problem Solver
  • Vocal Team Player

Benefits & Compensation
  • 10% of Revenue Generated
  Required Skills:

Staffing Best Practices Clients Sales Team Team Player Campaigns Checks Pricing Branding Metrics Offshore Logistics Compensation R Budget Business Strategy Salary C Gas Research Strategy Business Development Sales Business Management