Lagos, Nigeria

Manager of Academics

 Job Description:

About the company

Bridge Academy is an organization focused on ensuring every child has access to a life-changing education and they view this as the right of a child. Bridge moves to develop potentials and creates the foundation for nation-building and as such, they actively collaborate with governments, donors and parents to drive this goal. They leverage data, experts, and technology to support teachers and empower school leaders in the process of quality education delivery with new and improved methods. Bridge utilizes the inputs from their other offices around the world with the support of each country team to ensure world-class expertise with a mixture of local resident leadership and execution.

Bridge managed and supported schools are technology-enabled and data-driven to ensure accountability in the classroom for both teachers’ performance and children’s learning. Their model involves the use of technology to create thoroughly researched customized learning materials to ensure learning outcomes and positive development for children. This model is strongly powered by the belief that innovation and technology can transform learning.  
They relish the challenge posed by this mission and are inviting you to join them in ensuring that children are able to learn better across the world.

About the Role

As Bridge International pushes forward to ensure all child has access to a life-changing education regionally and at a national scale, the team is seeking to hire a Manager of Academics who will ultimately be responsible for educational outcomes across schools in their assigned territory and will serve as an individual contributor, collaborator and a manager in this role.
This individual will act as a contributor to the management of all academic events and initiatives in Lagos. This will include the implementation of cyclical events (eg. provision and maintenance of a school and academic calendar, daily and weekly timetables) and any new learning innovation launched throughout the academic year.

How important are you to the Bottom Line?

Your role is crucial to the team as you will act as a collaborator, who will be responsible in coordinating with Shared Services Instructional Design and Learning Innovation to ensure that all levers of achievement are robust and contextualized for the territory. You will also work with other departments to ensure that all schools have the right operational conditions for learning to take place. You will also be the focused manager on actively driving the members of the Academic team in the territory to have a clear work plan and work productively in tandem to generate achievement in schools.

The Biggest Problem-Solving Duties on the Job

Your biggest problem-solving duty would be in your ability to be an exceptional leader who provides exceptional instruction and can motivate and support others to realize a vision of academic excellence. Also in your ability to work in a fast-paced heterogeneous environment containing diverse operating systems and applications, and make them work well together and provide strategic directions where needed while producing great learning gains.

If Hired, What Do you need to do to be considered successful?

To be considered successful in this role, written below are some of the key requirements. You will need to be able to:

  • Be a self-starter and problem-solver, who thinks three and four steps ahead.
  •  Be hardworking and collaborative, with the tenacity to plow through challenges and an appreciation for teamwork toward achieving a shared vision.
  •  Be a fast learner and someone who is able to flourish in fast-paced, dynamic, and sometimes ambiguous environments
  • Be both detailed and results-oriented, driven by the data that will allow us to know what is working and what isn’t working for kids.
  •  Have strong project management skills and excellent organizational skills, with keen attention to detail and ability to follow up systematically on a broad set of initiatives and decisions
  • Be an effective, articulate communicator who can represent Bridge to external audiences.
  • Be humble and ready to “roll up your sleeves” to get things done

Skills and Experience

The following would be relevant to be considered in this role:
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field, graduate degrees preferred
  • About 10 years’ experience working in the educational sector.
  • 2 or more years of teaching experience with evidence of an outsized student learning gains is an added advantage.
  • You should also be a detailed doer and be willing to take action for the execution of every idea required for rapid growth.
  • You should be a creative problem-solver and be willing to tackle diverse challenges that might spring up.
● You need to be a relentless advocate for the empowerment of both children and the teachers while consistently pushing for benefits and value.
● You need to be a malleable learner with a consistent drive to always do better.
● You need to be a data-driven decision-maker and also a curious investigator, who asks the right questions to make the best decisions.
  Required Skills:

Spring Accountability Provision Operating Systems Teaching Teamwork Education Materials Leadership Project Management Design Maintenance Management