Lagos, Nigeria

Supply Chain Business Unit Manager

 Job Description:

About the company

Medbury is a Corporate Health Advisory & Management company that provides assistance to organizations enabling them to achieve their Workplace Health and Wellness goals. 

They have gone ahead to provide a holistic end-to-end advisory & management services (such as onsite screenings, industrial hygiene checks, offshore locations medical staffing, pharmaceutical supplies, and the likes) covering all health needs while for companies such as ExxonMobile, Chevron, Guinness, Total, Friesland Campina and British American Tobacco to name a few. Medbury provides high quality in primary and occupational healthcare and therefore prides herself on operating with the highest ethical and international standards.

About the role

The exquisite team at Medbury are seeking to hire a supply chain business unit manager, the core of your duty would involve handling and leading a team in operations of the supply chain unit which would cover logistics and procurement form end to end. 

This would put you in charge of managing the company’s overall supply chain, procurement, and logistics strategies and operations thereby allowing you to play a crucial role in maximizing all processes for efficiency and productivity. Joining the team for this role would be exciting for you as it would allow you to deliver value both internally and externally by solving clients' needs and also leading sales and revenue.

Joining the team at Medbury would be exciting for you as it would allow you full autonomy in generating innovative solutions to drive the company’s sales growth while delivering maximum value.

How important are you to the Bottom Line?

As Medbury keeps aiming towards her goal, your role will be important in developing and ensuring good relationships with vendors, distributors, and also her clients. You will be responsible for the Profit and Loss report of the supply chain department and be required to take charge of all responsibilities from hiring to team management.

The Biggest Problem-Solving Duties on the Job

Your biggest challenge would be in your ability to adapt to various unforeseen circumstances such as delays and fast-changing markets. This role would also be a big test on your abilities to build critical relationships and provide great and high-quality services to customers.

What do I need to be considered successful?

To be considered successful in this role, you need to be able to do the following;
  • Manage and lead a team in the operations of the supply chain department
  • Operate as an intrapreneur by being responsible for the P&L of the supply chain department, team management, and hiring
  • You will be tasked with leading sales and revenue by creating solutions to continuously deliver value by reducing procurement costs and sourcing for suppliers with the best deals.
  • You will also be tasked with delivering value externally by iterating on sourcing packages that would be sold to clients externally while meeting their needs and also driving revenue for the department.

Skills and Qualifications

The following skills would be required for you to be successful in this role;
  • You must have experience working within the FCMG or Healthcare sector
  • You must have experience working in the logistics, procurement or supply chain department
  • You must be financially savvy and driven to run a business unit effectively and efficiently.
  • You should possess quality leadership skills and show great aptitude for managing people and building relationships.

What do I stand to gain?

You will stand to gain a competitive salary offer coupled with an opportunity to challenge yourself, grow, learn, and evolve. You would also be introduced to a new space and environment with an exciting team to create value with.
  Required Skills:

Supply Chain Supply Business