Job Openings Scale Operator - Part Time

About the job Scale Operator - Part Time


Job Description:  Weigh Scale operator – weighing trucks in and out, processing very minimal payments for very few cast customers, data entry.


Week 1 & 2 – Monday 12:30pm-5pm, Tuesday 12:30pm-5pm, Wednesday 12:30pm-5pm, Thursday 12:30pm-5pm, Friday 12:30pm-5pm

Week 3 Monday off, Tuesday 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 1pm-5pm, Thursday 1pm-5pm, Friday 1pm-5pm, Saturday 6am-12pm


Right now we will be working on a 3 week rotation schedule as noted above, this could change to a 4 week rotation schedule in August when an employee is expected to return to work, making Week 1,2 and 4 the same as Week 1&2 above and week 3 same as noted above.  This is also going to be considered a permanent position once our contract with your company is fulfilled. Which will allow for Part time benefits for the employee as they will be considered permanent part time working a minimum of 22 hours per week.