Job Openings Manager, Strategy & Planning - GM Office

About the job Manager, Strategy & Planning - GM Office

About You

We are looking to an ambitious, and dynamic Strategy and Planning manager to join the Malaysian GM's office to lead certain key initiatives and provide valuable support to the growth of Carsome. 

Your Day-to-Day

  • Assess the current state of the organization, its operations and services, internal and external dynamics, and other factors.
  • You will help the GM to make forecasts, identify the desired end state, develop and implement the ways and means to reach it.
  • Integrate the objectives and activities of major business units and functions to achieve unit/function-specific (as well as overarching) organizational and programmatic goals in the near-, mid- and long term.
  • Proposes and, as approved, implements/refines (or leads implementation/refinement) of an integrated strategic planning process.
  • Analyze internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Establish long-term organizational objectives and strategy to achieve these objectives
  • Develop supporting action plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.
  • Allocate resources to work toward objectives (capacity planning).
  • Monitor deployment of resources (such as capital, labor and equipment, including technology) and facilitating mechanisms (such as motivation and deployment of personnel, condition of management information and financial systems vis-à-vis strategic support), and (g) review/refine strategies and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Leads/Performs SWOT-appropriate environmental scans and compilation of business intelligence (including competitor intelligence) to enhance visioning and forecasting and to facilitate a unified strategic vision consistent with the strategic and operational views and various perspectives of the Board of Directors (Board), the Regional CEO, GM and other stakeholders
  • Performs various assignments to help ensure continuous review and improvement of business plans and operations, including organizational readiness for, and exercise of, operational agility and flexibility.
  • Identifies threats to early stage initiatives. Develops and recommends strategies and tactics to harness the power of positive change and to overcome resistance to change or sub-optimum behaviors that may impede progress.
  • Reviews program quality and progress toward achieving goals on a periodic basis. Takes corrective actions to maintain work progress on schedule, improve employee performance or modify program goals or operations, as appropriate.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or as determined on own initiative.

Your Know-How

  • A tertiary qualification in any discipline.
  • Capable of making data-driven analysis that drives decision making.
  • Understand and think through complex business problems.
  • Clear and concise communications skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience in Automotive and or E-Commerce industry will be an added advantage.

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