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Privacy Notice

Employees, Temporary Staff & Job Applicants

Carsome is committed to protecting your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (including any and all amendments and modifications thereto).

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to bring to your attention Carsome’s practices and policies relating to the collection, processing and disclosure of personal data relating to job applicants, employees and temporary staff.

“Personal data” in this case refers to personal data relating directly or indirectly to an identifiable job applicant, employee or temporary staff of Carsome. Personal data in some cases consists of “sensitive personal data”, which refers to personal data relating to your health, religious beliefs, etc. For the purpose of this Privacy Notice, both personal data and sensitive personal data are included in any use of the term “personal data”.

Source of Personal Data

The personal data that Carsome processes is sourced from: (i) personal data provided by you and/or relevant third parties in the course of your applying for a position with us, (ii) personal data provided by you, relevant third party information sources, or personal data otherwise generated upon your being hired and in the course of your employment with Carsome.

Types of Personal Data We Collect

In the course of joining us and/or during the course of your employment with us, you may be required to provide certain personal data that we may require for our business purposes. Where this personal data is collected through application forms, all personal data requested is obligatory unless otherwise stated in the application form.

Specifically, you may be asked to provide personal data relevant to your application and/or employment with Carsome, including but not limited to, your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, date and place of birth, nationality, gender, marital status, languages spoken, CV, resume, cover letter, educational institutions attended, grades obtained, employment preference, willingness to relocate, current salary, desired salary, awards, professional memberships, available start date, employment history, recommendations, referee reports, bank account numbers, SOCSO and EPF numbers, NRIC and passport numbers, driver’s license details, emergency contact information, names, birthdates and other details of your family members and dependents (where relevant), etc.

Where you provide us with personal data pertaining to other individuals, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary consent from such individuals prior to disclosing their personal data to Carsome.

Carsome may also process and retain related personal data generated during the course of your employment with Carsome, including but not limited to: your employee identification number, department, employment benefits, compensation and history with Carsome, training and certification, flexi-hour work arrangements, business expenses and travel claims, medical certificates, work place injury claims, performance appraisals, workplace dispute resolution, computer identification codes and passwords, CCTV images, biometric access codes, electronic communications with staff, business partners, suppliers, authorities and customers, agreements entered into with Carsome, and such other information as required by law (where relevant).

How Carsome Uses Your Personal Data

Carsome collects, processes and retains this personal data for its legitimate functions, including but not limited to:

  • assessing your suitability for the job and vice versa;
  • evaluating your capabilities and qualifications for the position(s) applied for;
  • conducting reference and/or background checks;
  • general administrative and record keeping purposes;
  • headcount and payroll planning;
  • workforce development, training and certification;
  • performance management;
  • approving and monitoring employee benefits and entitlements;
  • audit and compliance purposes;
  • risk management and security purposes;
  • providing and monitoring access to Carsome and/or third-party sites, facilities and systems;
  • internal investigations and legal proceedings;
  • company activities and events;
  • compliance with any applicable law or regulation; and
  • for such other purposes as may be required by law, 
  • where relevant.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Carsome may disclose your personal data to:

  • third parties to whom Carsome outsources certain of its internal functions;
  • insurance carriers (e.g. benefits, life insurance);
  • other members of the Carsome group of companies, whether based in Malaysia or abroad;
  • Carsome’s business partners and suppliers who are involved in the fulfilment of customer requests or 
  • the services contracted for; and/or
  • any person authorised by or under any law or by the order of a court.

Where Carsome discloses your personal data to third parties, Carsome will ensure that those parties are bound to abide by Carsome’s, or the equivalent of Carsome’s, personal data practices and policies relating to the processing and retention of your personal data.


Please note that for the purposes of your job application and/or your continued employment with us, your continued consent to the collection and processing of the personal data detailed above is mandatory unless otherwise expressly provided and/or agreed. In the event you withdraw your consent for us to collect and process your personal data we may be unable to discharge our contractual obligations to you. Should you wish to withhold or withdraw your consent, please refer to the section below on your rights.

Your Rights

Should you:

  • wish to limit the processing of certain aspects of your and/or another person’s personal data;
  • wish to exercise your right to seek access to and/or to correct your personal data retained by Carsome;
  • have any questions or issues regarding your personal data or have any complaints regarding the
  • unauthorised use, disclosure or transmission of your personal data;
  • not consent to Carsome processing your personal data for the purposes as listed in this notice,

If you have any inquiries or complaints in respect of the personal data, kindly communicate to Carsome in writing at the postal address specified below.

Human Resources Department

Carsome Sdn Bhd

Level 9, KYM Tower, No. 8,

Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara,

47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

However, please be advised that in certain limited circumstances, your rights may be restricted pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

Carsome may revise this Privacy Notice from time to time. In the event of such revision being affected, Carsome will prominently post a revised Privacy Notice within ten (10) business days of its adoption.