Job Openings Team Lead (Operations) & Customer Service

About the job Team Lead (Operations) & Customer Service

Quick Job Description:

Attendance Management: Monitors and validates the attendance of the team members and provide immediate coaching to address negative behavior.
Seat Plan Management: Ensures that the seating capacity is optimized and each team member adheres to it independently.
Break Schedule Management: Conduct regular checks on team member’s break adherence and provide immediate coaching to curb any
unacceptable behavior.
Research and Tasks Management: Assigns pipeline tabs and other tasks to specific team members at a given interval depending on the volume arrival
pattern to meet or exceed goals.
IT Issues Management: Continuously monitors and tests IT issues and help resolve it in a timely manner to secure business continuity and prevent
disruption in productivity.
Operational Reporting: Provides updates on the state of the program on a per interval basis and end of day to drive better performance and
achieve/exceed goals.
Performance Reporting: Reports key metric results and performance updates during meetings of key stakeholders. Discusses issues and identifies
possible interventions with concerned departments. Provides solutions to key issues that impacts team performance directly or indirectly.


Bachelor’s degree in any field
Required Certification: None (a plus to have any QA and/or Ops Centric Training/Certification like Lean Six Sigma, Coaching for Excellence, ICMI Call
Center Training Management)
One year (1) working experience in a call center, customer service, or tech support field with impeccable performance as a Team Leader.
If internal, coaching experience preferred and recommendation of the client is required. Should undergo an OIC program.
If external, additional requirements should have experience in recommending initiatives to set up Operations during the Implementation Stage.
Technical Skills: Proficiency with MS Office applications. (i.e. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Applicable Knowledge in using Google Sheets and creating reports/trackers/google forms.
Working knowledge in Basic Workforce 101 to better manage the queue, team absenteeism, and attrition. (i.e. per interval volume impact and
Other Skills: Analytical skills, Problem-solving and decision-making skills, mentoring and coaching skills, excellent oral and written communication
skills, adaptive to changing work schedules. Active listening skills, Operates with minimal supervision. Mutli-tasking skills.

Special Notes:

Payroll and Leave Management: Ensures that team members’ are paid appropriately by validating attendance, overtime, PTO and other pay.
Implements the PTO process to optimize staffing requirements.
Employee Benefits Management: Answers team members’ queries on company benefits and help them whenever issue arises.
Subject Matter Expert: Acquires in depth understanding of the product and company policies to better support the team members and assist on
account-specific client requests or address an escalation.
Coaching and Developing Team Members: Facilitates coaching on a weekly basis to improve the team member’s performance and implement
developmental plans for the team member’s growth in the company and performance appraisal.
Workforce Planning and Execution: Establish optimal staffing levels through efficient scheduling and real-time adjustment to meet peak service
demands and maintain a median within or exceeding the target.
Interdepartmental Liaison and Coordination: Coordinates with key departments (HR, IT, QA, Training) to help resolve team member’s issues and
Client Interaction: Communicates regularly with the client on product-specific and performance updates to render high-quality service and delivery.
Incentive Planning and Implementation: Submits incentive proposals with budget allocation to reward and recognize team members.