Job Openings Business Development Director

About the job Business Development Director

Position Title: Business Development Director

Classification: Management

Salary Grade: 80,000 - 100,000 Peso / month 

Reports To: President and Vice President

Primary Relationships: Internal Staff, Management 

Date: June 2021 

Schedule: Monday to Friday (8am - 5pm) 




The Business Development Director position is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive internal and external marketing plan that would increase revenues and profits. This position is expected to uphold the mission and values established by the organization. 



·         Build internal and external relationships by identifying opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships to advance the business. This can mean building cross-functional teams within the organization by connecting personnel across business lines or managing customer relations to increase the business’s visibility and reputation

·         Identify potential partnerships, opportunities to enhance distribution and open up new markets, and methods to enhance efficiency within the organization’s sales and marketing departments

·         Direct Strategic Marketing by taking a hands-on approach to the company’s marketing efforts.

·         Present market research and customer profiles to marketing directors and team members, recommending improved strategies to expand market reach.

·          Coordinate activities between sales and marketing teams to introduce new campaigns and make decisions that drive sales growth.

·          Support Operations Planning by working closely with executives and operations specialists to improve operations planning and overall efficiency.

·         Assess marketing and sales operations, along with supplier and vendor activities, making recommendations for improvements and enhancements.

·         Make long-term operations decisions regarding product development and distribution strategies.

·         Develop Proposals and Presentations to company executives and management teams to highlight business or marketing opportunities or to present the results of new strategies.

·         Prepare documents and information for requests for proposals (RFPs). These RFPs often present new opportunities for business growth and enhanced operations.  


·         At least 5 years equivalent experience is preferred

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Highly organized

·         Outstanding people skills (internal and external stakeholders)

·         Outstanding negotiation skills

·         Time management 

·         Outstanding decision-making skills

·         Can operate with high level of pressure 

·         Budget and cost analysis