Job Openings Operations Support

About the job Operations Support

Position Tile: Operations Support Assistant

Classification: Associate

Salary: 25,000 - 30,000 a month

Reports To: Account Manager, Manager

Primary Relationships: Client, Client Team

Date: January 2022

Schedule: USA Business Hours


This is a great opportunity to join a growing team that is disrupting the predatory world of traditional debt relief. In this role, you’ll work exclusively with our innovative technology partner to support the operations of our settlement team. The settlement team you will support solicits settlement offers from creditors on behalf of our clients, many of whom are struggling with their debts.


Call banks, credit card companies, and collection agencies to
   request basic contact information such as where and how to
   submit power of attorney documents

● Keep updated and accurate contact details for creditors in an
   online database

● Send documents to creditors in a timely and accurate manner
   via email, fax, and mail

● Collect notarized documents from clients

● Make simple edits to spreadsheets and documents to conform to
   creditor requirements

● Monitor incoming correspondence from creditors, file documents
   and route messages to the appropriate staff

● Respond to simple customer support inquiries using templated
   text message and email messages

● Provide additional administrative and clerical support to the
  settlement team as needs evolve


At least 1-2 years’ experience working in an office environment

● Meticulous attention to detail

● Creative problem solver who doesn’t fear rejection or get
   discouraged easily

● You aren’t afraid to ask for help when you know you need it or
   are unsure of what is expected of you

● Tech savvy. You embrace technology and are open to learning new
   software systems that improve your ability to deliver for our

● Intelligent, resourceful and driven

● Your integrity is unquestionable