Job Openings Business Intelligence Developer

About the job Business Intelligence Developer

Position Description 

Position Title: Data Developer / Business Intelligence Developer 

Classification: Client Staff 

Salary Grade: 50,000 - 60,000 pesos/ month 

Reports To: Account Manager, Client 

Primary Relationships: Internal Teams, Client Staff 

Date: July 2021


Schedule: UK Business Hours (11am to 8pm)


You will be monitoring our entire data gathering process to maintain integrity of our merchant’s inventory and provide solutions to resolve and prevent future failure and errors. Working closely with the Head of merchant operations you will provide ideas and solutions in order to improve and facilitate your day-to-day duties. You will also work to support the Onboarding and Data Quality teams.


●     Scraping client websites to create complete datasets.

●     Advising account and on-boarding managers on the feasibility of extracting product data from client websites.

●     Working with client API endpoints to extract product data.

●     Collecting or transferring datasets from various sources.

●     Converting / Manipulating between different data formats XML, JSON, CSV.

●     Provide support and assistance to the Integration team on technical issues.

●     Liaising directly with merchants technical services when necessary. 


●     A BSc degree with a minimum of 1 year work experience is a strong plus, preferably in the e-commerce industry.

●     Knowledge in Python 3, Microsoft Azure, JavaScript, APIs, Data Management

●     Good working knowledge of MS Office application including Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint etc

●     Strong working knowledge of HTML, FTP Clients and web browsers.

●     Hands-on and has excellent Technical Skills

●     Excellent problem solver

●     Highly Organized and Methodical

●     Excellent verbal and written communication skills

●     Basic knowledge of OO programming

●     Good working knowledge of JavaScript

●     Solid analytical and logical skills paired with strong attention to detail.

●     Flexible and adaptable in a rapidly changing environment.

●     Ability to work independently.