Job Openings Virtual Assistant

About the job Virtual Assistant

Position Tile: Virtual Assistant

Classification: Associate

Salary: 25,000 - 30,000 a month

Reports To: Account Manager, Manager

Primary Relationships: Client, Client Team

Date: December 2021

Schedule: USA Business Hours


  • Track completion of patients’ pre-visit form completion and communicate via email with patients who have uncompleted items
  • Coordinate and distribute educational material prior to provider visits according to protocols
  • Compile information from intake forms and create pre-visit note template from Patient intake form
  • Previous note in Aprima EHR
  • Assist with internet research and presentation material
  • Adapt to protocol changes as needed to ensure optimal process
  • Take on new tasks as needed by the practice, within scope of time and abilities
  • Comply with HIPAA requirements and other applicable regulations and protect personal health information and other sensitive patient data


    • Be able to work independently once trained

    • Be a quick learner, able to coordinate multiple different tasks and able to adapt to protocol changes as workflow is optimized

    • Have familiarity with medical terminology and medical office needs and workflow

    • Be expected to communicate in a timely, professional manner at all times

    • Be familiar with common office tools such as MS Office, Google Docs, and Slack

    • Have familiarity with Aprima EHR (would be helpful but is not required)