Job Openings Fixed Asset Officer

About the job Fixed Asset Officer

Position Title: Fixed Asset Officer

Classification: Supervisory

Salary: 20,000 - 30,000 a month

Reports To: Finance Director, Manager

Primary Relationships: Internal Teams

Date: January 2022

Schedule: PH Shift (Day Shift)


Key custodian of all physical assets from acquisition to disposal. The role is responsible for recording the cost of all newly acquired fixed (and moveable) assets, maintaining records of these assets, ensuring that throughout their lifecycle, they are properly capitalized, maintained, utilized, and disposed of appropriately.


  • Develop an organizational philosophy for the management and accounting for fixed assets

  • Develop and implement fixed asset accounting management system

  • Develop a numbering, cataloging system for identifying, classifying, and recording fixed assets.

  • Ensure all fixed assets are properly classified, categorized, and recorded in the system

  • Create and manage a control and monitoring system that line managers can deploy to comply with the organizational standards

  • Track fixed asset costs on project profitability

  • Develop and implement an annual asset verification and audit plan

  • Conduct periodic audits, spot checks, and physical verification and counting to ensure compliance with fixed asset accounting rules.

  • Manage an active depreciation schedule to assure the book value of the asset is constantly updated and appropriate taxes are applied and paid

  • Conduct periodic disposal of fixed assets in line with corporate finance/accounting rules

  • Liaise with end-users to ensure the licensing (where required) and routine maintenance schedule and plan are integrated into our systems and are being strictly adhered to.

  • Prepare periodic fixed asset updates to Management and the Leadership team.

  • Liaise with Line Managers to ensure asset written-off are properly disposed of and impact remediated

  • Provide a fixed asset utility report with recommendations to management on (remainder) asset life, maintenance, and replacement costs, etc.

  • Track warranties on all assets, ensuring these are executed appropriately, and warehouse all other relevant items, such as operating manuals, spare keys, etc. providing access as required.

  • Provide general advice to the organization on fixed asset management.


  • Must have an accountancy degree or relevant degree in finance or business management

  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in a technical discipline, business, or accounting.

  • Must have at least 5 years of work experience in the same field.

  • Must possess good knowledge of asset categorization/ classification and experience planning and executing audits.

  • Knowledge of MS Office including Excel

  • Knowledge of appropriate accounting software packages