Job Openings Jr/Sr Web Developer

About the job Jr/Sr Web Developer

Position Title: Jr / Sr Web Developer

Classification: Associate

Salary: 60,000 - 120,000 Peso / month

Reports To: Accounts Manager, Client

Primary Relationships: Client Team

Date: September 2022

Schedule: USA Business Hours


  • Time Management Skills - able to complete and self-direct own work to ensure timely completion of project deliverables.
  • Programming Skills (Front & Back-End) - Full Stack MVC Development skills inclusive of most of the following technologies: PHP, Lavarel Livewire, React/Vue, Javascript ES6+, JSON, jQuery, Toilwind CSS or similar utility first CSS framework, HTMLS, CSS3.
  • DevOps - Some dev ops experience managing domains, dns, linux based servers, ssh and firewalls.
  • Web Development - ability to build web applications and other business tools in accordance with specifications, translate designs to code, communicate feedback understood by all stakeholders.
  • Troubleshooting Skills - high level of competency and skills developed in troubleshooting and identifying bugs and fixes.
  • Project Management Skills - full range of project management skills inclusive of time management, costing control, leadership, and critical thinking.
  • Analytical Skills - high level of attention to detail and methodical approach to ensure a functional solution is developed.
  • Interpersonal Skills ability to engage and communicate with a variety of managers, team leaders, and team members to ensure a solution is developed that is functional to the needs of both consumers and business areas involved in its operation.
  • Communication Skills ability to articulate complex information in a clear manner.


Recognised Qualification in a related field such as Computer Science, Web Development &

  • Design and/or at least 3-years experience in the below areas.
  • Full Stack MVC Development Significant experience with most of the following technologies: PHP, OOP, JavaScript ES6+, Git, JavaScript Frameworks such as React/Vue,
  • Docker, MySQL, jQuery, Tailwind CSS or similar utility first CSS framework, HTML5, CSS3, flexbox, CSS Grids, Rest APIs, GraphQL, Open API, AWS, DNS, Nginx/Apache, legacy environments and heavy experience in Laravel.
  • E-commerce experience developing custom E-commerce solutions and working with existing E-commerce platforms such as Magento.
  • Web Development/ Web Project Management - Experience planning, scoping, developing and maintaining web applications and supporting systems and effectively managing web development projects from beginning to end in alignment with business requirements.
  • Troubleshooting Considerable experience ensuring robust testing of all projects to identify any bugs or fixes as required.