Job Openings Registered Nurse (Onsite | Eclinical Works)

About the job Registered Nurse (Onsite | Eclinical Works)

Position Title: Registered Nurse (Onsite | Eclinical Works)

Classification: Associate

Salary Grade: 30,000 - 50,000 Peso / month

Reports To: Account Manager, Manager

Primary Relationships: Client, Client Team

Date: January 2023

Schedule: 11:00 PM TO 8:00 AM PH Time


  • Review the BP reports daily, communicate and discuss the alerts with the MD

  • Upload monthly reports to eCW

  • Fax and email the monthly reports to patients and PCP

  • Collect the outside records and upload them in eCW

  • Prepare office notes templates for MD

  • Fax the instruction to the patient

  • Fax the office note to refer MD

  • Medication Refills

  • Patient requests through eCW or emails

  • Document management: Upload and sort the documents to the eCW, to referring physicians, to patients etc

  • Medication preauthorization

  • Heart monitor:

  1. Registration

  1. Follow up on the results, upload to eCW and notify MD

  1. Update The logs

  • Pacemaker remote monitoring

  1. Monitor daily

  1. Communicate Red alerts with MD

  1. Send reports to patients and PCP/Primary cardiology

  • Patient records request


  • Good command of English communication is a plus

  • Good command of speaking and writing english and communication skills

  • Experience in EClinical Works is preferred

  • Medical knowledge and medication knowledge

  • Recent Cardiology experience

  • Minimum One year experience with eCW required

  • Must be able to Medical marketing writer in English and Spanish