Job Openings Quality Assurance Specialist

About the job Quality Assurance Specialist

Position Tile: Quality Assurance Specialist

Salary: 20,000-30,000 a month

Reports To: People Management AVP

Primary Relationships: CO Internal

Date: August 2022

Schedule: Flexible Schedule


We are looking for a highly motivated quality assurance specialist that will filter the candidates that we put in front of clients for interviews. The business of our company relies on ensuring we provide highly qualified candidates to our clients and this role will ensure the quality of our shortlisted candidates. QA specialists have to be ready to understand different industry structures to be able to comprehend the job requirements of different clients. This role is client facing either by email or video call.


  • Conducting interviews and other forms of assessment to ensure shortlisted candidates are qualified for the job they are applying for.
  • Conducting job analysis and relating it to different job markets

  • Attending or Facilitating calibration calls with clients, recruiters and advisors ensuring everyone is aligned with the job requirements
  • Educating and setting proper expectations to advisors and clients about certain role types and how they relate to the Philippine job market or other job markets
  • Attending Recruitment strategy sessions

  • Sending Shortlisted applicants to clients and advisors

  • Sending daily and weekly recruitment reports to clients

  • Suggesting new processes to ensure a better candidate experience

  • Auditing recruitment incentives


  • Bachelor's Degree in HR, Business, Marketing or relevant experience in HR or Recruitment
  • Excellent command of the English language

  • Can write effective emails

  • Can run excel/spreadsheet reports