Job Openings Software Engineer I

About the job Software Engineer I

Position Title: Software Engineer I

Reports To: Partner, Partner Advisor

Primary Relationships: Partner Staff

Date: January 2024

Schedule: 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM PHT


  • Assists with creating technical solutions to business problems as needed

  • Codes or configures per solutioning agreement

  • Contribute to the understanding and execution of the test plan, actively participating in testing processes

  • Collaborates with the product team to synthesize business problems with technological opportunities

  • Integrates best practice processes wherever possible

  • Review and troubleshoot issues, participating in root cause analysis and solutioning

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer from vendors to support tools collaboratively, as required

  • Work with the team to iteratively break down and complete tasks in a collaborative fashion

  • Assist in breaking down epics and features into user stories

  • Refine user stories with scrum and Kanban teams, ensuring clear acceptance criteria and understanding of delivered value

  • Review quality assurance testing plans for each story, determining appropriate general regression testing

  • Collaborate with the product team to review stories and ensure acceptance criteria are met

  • Stay up-to-date with current technology trends, identifying opportunities to add value to the organization

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of how digital-first companies leverage data and propose strategies for staying competitive

  • Identify and propose opportunities where technology or data can be used innovatively to differentiate and accelerate organizational growth

  • Actively participate in discussions to solve business problems, contributing to the development of step-by-step solutions

  • Foster a safe working and sharing environment that encourages team member participation

  • Listen, learn, and integrate multiple perspectives into solutions

  • Articulate understanding of various perspectives, engage in debates, and provide support in driving the team forward in a unified direction


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field

  • Proven experience in software development and coding

  • Familiarity with agile methodologies and collaborative development practices

  • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to analyze and troubleshoot technical issues

  • Effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate in a team-oriented environment

  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to and learn new technologies quickly

  • Understanding of current technology trends and their application in business contexts

  • Knowledge of data utilization for competitive advantage in digital-first companies

  • Innovative mindset with the ability to propose novel solutions to business challenges

  • Ability to articulate and debate various perspectives while driving the team toward consensus