Job Openings Forecast Analyst

About the job Forecast Analyst

Position Title: Forecast Analyst

Classification: Associate

Salary: 35,000 - 65,000 a month

Reports To: Client

Primary Relationships: Client Team

Date: June 2022

Schedule: 9am - 5pm US time


• Forecasting

Update data and formulas in forecast review files. Create sales forecast, analyzing historical POS trends to project future customer sales, and oversee maintenance of seasonal profiles. Manage customer inventory plan, maintaining proper inventory and evaluating needs for builds or burns. Account for any customer promotions/events. Oversee collaboration with customers regarding forecasts, comparing customers’ forecasts with company forecasts and discussing variances. Communicate forecasting changes. Review orders and compare to ATC forecasts and POS, adjusting forecasts and/or discuss outliers with customer. Review order cancellations and make proper forecast adjustments.

• Budgeting

Assist the Forecast Manager with sales projections for account territory, by monthly plan at the warehouse, customer, and SKU levels. Oversee YOY budget files. Document discussions and changes during budget meetings, then implement approved changes from budget meetings.

• Rollout Management

Enter forecasts for non-replenished items. Enter forecasts for replenishment programs. Lead collaboration with customers regarding rollout plans, agree on initial orders and inventory strategies to start the program, agree on sales rate, and provide feedback to National Account Manager and Rollout Team if plan differs from rollout. Adjust forecasts if orders or availability dates change. If orders are different than original plan, confirm with the customer. Maintain list of rollouts and ship dates for active and completed rollouts. Work with National Account Manager and customer on rollouts without orders.

• Discontinued Item Planning

Oversee collaboration for remaining inventory needs and last order date with customer. Determine residual inventory from collaboration plan. If residual, work with Operations team and National Account Manager to cancel inventory or sell off balance. Maintain discontinued inventory tracking for all dropped programs.

• Inventory Management

Update and analyze internal inventory reporting, comparing weekly ATC forecasts and identifying shortages and problem areas with Operations. If issues cannot be resolved, discuss with customer.

• New Program Management

Oversee new program projection file and document new program assumptions. Prepare initial review on impacts of program changes, analyzing historical items, programs, and/or case studies, then assist in collaboration with Sales team. Execute changes in the forecast.

• Customer Relationships and Account Calls

Provide timely responses to ad hoc customer requests. Compile analysis and reports required for specific territory. Manage account call schedule. Share external inventory report with customers. Manage agenda and topics of discussion, preparing any needed materials to facilitate the call. Lead the account call and provide recap to National Account Managers and other team members.

• Team Meeting

Present updated discontinued item tracking. Analyze, react to, and discuss month-to-date orders vs. forecast. Discuss active and completed rollouts, ensure orders have been received and aligned with plan.

• Other

Provide support to National Account Managers in S&OP role. Assist with new hire training. Analyze forecast accuracy results, identify areas of improvement, and implement changes.


• Four year college degree in Business/Economics, or equivalent experience

• 2-4 years previous forecasting experience

• Consumer Goods industry experience, preferred

• Strong analytical and statistical skills

• Immediate knowledge of the supply chain process

• Strong problem solving capabilities

• Ability to communicate effectively and handle multiple tasks simultaneously

• Strong priority planning skills

• Advanced computer skills, including Microsoft Office