Job Openings Sales Development Representative

About the job Sales Development Representative

Position Description:

Position Title:  Sales Development Representative

Salary Grade: $12.50/hr to $22/hr


As a Sales Development Representative, you will utilize an integrated strategy that may use some forms of marketing automation, inbound/outbound calls, working with group lead lists, and call management software.  This position plays a crucial role in creating, implementing, and reinforcing best practices and procedures to make the sales account successful.


  • Outbound calls to prospective customers or inquiries

  • Responsible for handling either warm leads, cold leads, or a combination of both

  • Development of the sales cycle (Initial contact, planning / questioning, qualifying, identifying needs, sales pitch / proposal, overcoming objections, commitment, follow-up, closing, repeat business/referrals.)

  • Collaborate with your client and/or client team or suppliers

  • Initiate calls with prospective clients, or follow up with leads from the database

  • Provide consistent details with products, solutions, services, and value propositions

  • Quickly develop rapport and/or create and maintain strong relationships with customers

  • Understand and execute the sales process on a daily basis

  • Complete (close) sales for individual or team targets

  • Meet or exceed targets or quotas


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field

  • 2+ years of sales experience

  • Previous sales in B2B, or equivalent work experience is preferred with a minimum of 1-year

  • Strong understanding or demonstration of commitment to the tech industry

  • Strong English communication skills both verbal and written

  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team

  • Good time management skills

  • Computer literate

  • Detail oriented