Job Openings Outbound Operations Manager

About the job Outbound Operations Manager

Position Title: Outbound Operations Manager

Classification: Associate

Salary: 80,000 a month

Reports To: Account Manager, Client

Primary Relationships: Client

Date: November 2021

Schedule: USA Business Hours


Will directly oversee call center sales personnel to ensure positive morale and effective daily operations. You will serve our local and national customers through the development and implementation of the best cell center methods and procedures. You will also be asked to make suggestions for system and process improvement using your knowledge of daily and ground operations.


● Conduct staff performance reviews to assess needs, cost/benefit
  analysis, and other operational strategy assessments.

● Establish a high standard for productivity, quality, customer
   service as well as define user guidelines.

● Develop company systems for customer interaction and voice
   response and control the implementation process.

● Manage and improve center performance through performance
  monitoring, problem resolution, system audits, and quality
  assurance measures.

● Aid the human resources department in the recruitment process
  by interviewing potential hires and outlining clear job

● Prepare annual budget after estimating necessities, correcting
   overspending, analyzing cost variance, and scheduling expenses.

● Summarize, collect and analyze call center trends and data for
  regular performance reports.

● Oversee system maintenance and upgrade implementation. Call
   for repairs and troubleshooting as needed.

● Maintain consistent professional improvement through company-
   provided workshops, tracking call center trends, and active
   participation in team projects.


● Proven experience as call center manager or similar position

● Experience in customer service is required

● Knowledge of performance evaluation and customer service

● Solid understanding of reporting and budgeting procedures

● Experience in basic financial analysis (cost-effectiveness, cost-
   benefit etc.)

● Proficient in MS Office and call center equipment/software

● Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

● Excellent organizational and leadership skills with a problem-
   solving ability

● Positive and patient

● High school diploma or equivalent; Higher degree in a relevant
   discipline will be appreciated

● Certified Call Center Manager (e.g. CCCM) or equivalent
   qualification is a plus